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Our Favorite Robin Williams Films - A Celebration of His Life and Work

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, August 13, 2014
We at Fanboys Anonymous are still stunned by the recent news of Robin Williams' death by apparent suicide. I don't wish to focus on the details but rather celebrate the man's incredible career that spanned five decades, ranging from his humble beginnings on the stand-up circuit to the breakout role he enjoyed as Mork to an Oscar winning turn in Good Will Hunting. I'll start off here with what will be a group effort from us.

robin williams death by suicide
Williams could do it all. Comedy acting, performing stand-up, drama, he was as adept at pushing the "creepy" buttons in films like One Hour Photo and Insomnia as he was pushing those goofy buttons in comedy vehicles like Mrs. Doubtfire. He was fantastic at both portraying the everyman and the eccentric weirdo who is so likable you forgive the excessive behavior.

Mork & Mindy, that strange, odd, over the top gonzo TV series from the late '70s/early '80s, was the perfect showcase for Robin Williams' early career; that manic, energetic, wild craziness that he was able to hone into a weapon of comedic power that catapulted him into super stardom. He later segued into leading roles like Good Morning, Vietnam, for which he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. I can't think of the film without hearing his voice screaming the title. Good Morning, Vietnam demonstrated his ability to do drama as well and he segued this skill into his next role, Dead Poets Society.

Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is my Robin Williams' film and my favorite performance of his. Perhaps because this speaks more to my generation, perhaps because I was an English major in college, or perhaps because I adhere to the idea of "carpe diem" his Mr. Keating espoused during the film that I treasure this movie so much. The same with The Fisher King, where Williams gave a performance etched with such incredible sadness it's a wonder he was able to make it through the film without breaking down completely. It's deep and powerful yet filled with his manic comedic talents.

Who could forget Aladdin and his wonderful work as the Genie? It's Williams at his best, blasting through with improvisations that would leave most comics on their backsides laughing their asses off and choking on dust. This role was made for him and his touching moments (telling Aladdin to believe himself, saying how much he wishes to be free of the lamp) are as memorable as the funny bits. I can never get enough of this film and Robin made everything better because of his talent and ability.

From Chris Dace:

I was first exposed to Robin Williams in the Disney classic Aladdin. The movie immediately became my all-time favorite Disney movie, which still rings true today, and Genie is by far one of my favorite animated characters of all time. Throughout my childhood, and even throughout my adulthood, I gravitated to Robin Williams films such as Hook, Patch Adams, and Good Morning Vietnam among many others. During my high school years I became involved in the acting program and really was set on the comedic roles more so than the dramatic roles. The first role I was ever cast in was an ill banker in Neil Simon's "The Good Doctor." There was a lot of physicality when it came to the role and humor derived by the energy and movements of myself and my counterpart. I remember watching Jim Carrey and Robin Williams to see how their energy and the smallest movements could cause an entire theater to erupt into laughter.

Robin Williams death Mrs. Doubtfire 2 cancelled
That trait I would carry through my run as a live theater actor and is something I currently reflect upon to produce the wild man character I portray as a wrestler. Whenever I find myself writing for a character who is high in energy but needs the ability to have those serious heartfelt moments, I often find myself reflecting on movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumanji. It is my hope that when a viewer or reader views my work they can sense the inspiration of many comedians and actors I pull from. Although not all of what I do and write is directly derived from the legendary Robin Williams, a huge portion of who I am as a comedic writer was inspired by the early antics I was exposed to on multiple occasions.

The key thing about Robin Williams and the work he has left behind for us is the rewatch value and the everlasting comedy that resonates across multiple generations. The fun kid-like exterior we have had the pleasure to know over the past few decades is a true diamond in the rough and without a doubt leaves a very large hole in the world of comedy. However large the hole may be in the comedic world, though, it is just a small portion of the larger hole in the world left behind by the man that Robin Williams was. He was a man who was not only generous but truly caring and inspirational to many people across the world. It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow I say goodbye to a legend and thank him for all that he has left behind in his absence. Heaven now has one of the most ultimate comedy show line-ups featuring some of the greats taken from us too soon like John Candy, Phil Hartman, John Belushi, Chris Farley, John Ritter, and now headlining the icon Robin Williams.

From Eddie Siqueira:

Patch Adams is the movie that convinced me once and for all that fighting for the greater good is something we possess from day 1. It germinates inside of us and we must nourish it. Shine brightly in whatever field you wish to with honesty and love, it will irradiate and spread onto others. Happiness wins over all. I don't think any other lead actor could have pulled off the sincerity of the film.

From Mike Paden:

When writing the breaking story for Fanboys Anonymous on Robin Williams' passing I was struck with a lot of hurdles. From the start, I had a hard time believing that it was even possible to be true. But after searching for backing sources it became undeniable. So I wrote perhaps the toughest article I have ever written in my experience as a journalist.

The next obstacle was something that every actor could only dream about when one writes their obituary. I couldn't decide what movies to choose as a representation of his career because there was just so many memorable ones! They span across genres from fantasy, thriller, animated, comedy, drama, and every type of combination there in. I could've had paragraphs just listing the titles of Williams' most beloved roles.

death of Robin Williams 1951-2014
I'll always remember him most for a role that actually didn't involve his physical presence: The Genie. The comical wish-granter from Disney's Aladdin was easily my favorite character from the series and perhaps even from the entire Disney family. His delivery; the way he'd bombastically stumble and pop between different personalities—it was a fantastic display of energy and screen presence.

He was a natural at his craft. It's a shame that we never will see what could have been with a longer career. It's an even bigger shame that someone who brought so many smiles to people's faces spent the last of his days in so much pain. I hope this event will cause people to mature to the existence of mental illness and the necessity to improve our treatment of it. Robin Williams will always be remembered in the world of comedy and film. A legend that will be passed from parent to child, sibling to sibling, friend to friend for generations to come. "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change this world." -Dead Poets Society

This is Will Molinar again, signing off. We're sad, we're crushed, we are devastated. O Captain, My Captain, you will forever be in our hearts. Carpe diem, gather ye rosebuds, seize the day! And share with us some of your favorite films of Robin Williams.

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