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What exactly is Fanboys Anonymous?

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This website is dedicated to all things that could be grouped under the definition of "geek culture". It's a place where the authors as well as you, the audience, can express our opinions about subjects we're fond of. This applies to a wide variety of topics such as films, television shows, comic books, video games, music, sports, cars, the internet, technology, etc - with virtually no limitations!

Fanboys Anonymous is here to act as a bit of a beacon for the Comic-Con crowd. We want you to take that fan inside of you and let it all out for us to see. Want to complain about the latest superhero flick? Want to let everyone know about a new band that you've discovered that you think is awesome? Want to tell us what you think are the top 10 video game characters of all time? This is a home for those points of view.

If you're interested in writing for us or contacting us for business purposes, feedback, or in any way, please use the form here: https://www.fanboysanonymous.com/p/contact-us.html

DISCLAIMER: Fanboys Anonymous is not in any way associated with Alcoholics Anonymous. The name is made in parody and should be taken as such. No copyright infringement is intended and any will be removed upon notification. The opinions expressed in each article do not necessarily reflect the entirety of the Fanboys Anonymous staff.
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