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Mad Max Rolls on Without... Mad Max (Mel Gibson)

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Say what you want about Mel Gibson and his behavior over the last few years, the guy is a talented actor/director and has played some iconic roles during his career. The first movie he made famous and was most responsible for busting him out of Australia during the late 70's and early 80's was Mad Max. He was the bad-ass biker from a post apocalyptic war torn future where gas is as valuable as water.

Like many other franchises, Mad Max is being rebooted/remade for today's 21st Century audiences. The new film in the franchise, the fourth, is entitled Mad Max: Fury Road and is scheduled to appear in May of 2015. Whether this film is a reboot/remake or a loose sequel is unclear at this point as there are very few details known about the plot. What is known is that Gibson shall not be playing Max and that's a shame.

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The character is a great one and Gibson defined the role. He's simple and straightforward on the surface, but, as with many iconic characters on film, there are subtleties I hope Tom Hardy, the new Max, will be able to channel. Max is a survivor. He's a fighter also, but mostly a survivor. He only gets involved with situations begrudgingly and, even then, only if it helps him make it to the next day.

Examine The Road Warrior, the second film. Max simply wants to carry on with his life and not get involved with these people and the marauders commanded by The Humungus. Sorry, but Max doesn't give a damn. Just give him his car back and some gas and he's out. However, Max also has compassion and, unlike many people of this post-apocalyptic world, some strong measure of his humanity intact. Many scenes in Beyond Thunderdome demonstrate this. For example, when he spares Master a cruel death when he realizes the beast is a simpleton . Also, when he tries to help the feral kids in the wasteland. Mad Max has incredible skills people need and is often used for others' purposes, much to the detriment of his own goals.

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This is important for director George Miller if he has any chance of recapturing the magic Gibson and he were able to conjure for the first trilogy. What I've read about the new run of films, beginning with Fury Road, doesn't fill me with hope. Miller says it's a long chase that lasts three days and there's little dialogue and, while there is nothing wrong with streamlining and going back to basics, we can't forget the character of Max and what makes him complex.

Hardy may have a new interpretation to the character and that's fine, but if they stray too far from what makes Mad Max Mad Max, what's the point of calling this Mad Max: Fury Road? It will be nothing but a parody of the original. Obviously, they want brand recognition so adding a name audiences are familiar with is a smart marketing choice.

So what does everyone think of having a new Max at the helm of one of the best action franchises ever? Will Tom Hardy fill Mel Gibson's bucket seat or fall off the rails? Sound off below.

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