Inhumans Movie Coming Soon? Marvel Studios Making Moves to Bring Comic Book Team to Life | Fanboys Anonymous
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kicking ass and taking names at the box office with hit after hit coming out every time they release a film. The latest, Guardians of the Galaxy, smashed August box office records and scored an impressive 92% on review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. The public and critics loved it.

Phase 3 Inhumans movie coming to MCU lineup
This massive success in both fields was a bit of a surprise to me and many others. This film was a big gamble for Marvel that has paid off handsomely. Now the studio plans to do the same with another lesser known team of superheroes called "the Inhumans. I'd never heard of them until Marvel announced that writer Joe Robert Cole is working on a script.

Remember those creatures attacking the team of Avengers in the film? They are called Chitauri but are really based on the alien Kree originally and have a lot of similarities with the Skrull. The differences and back story for all three is a convoluted mess that is hard to explain and boring., so I won't get into it. Regardless, the Inhumans were created during the Kree-Skrull war to help the Kree defeat their foes.The Inhumans have popped in on other comic titles, too. 

The Inhumans were also made from early homo sapiens to enhance the Kree's dwindling gene pool and fight in wars for them. Whoa, slow down there, partner. We have themes of scientific experimentation, genetics, subservient servitude, and galactic war. Heady stuff, but that's not the point. The point is, these Inhumans are ultimately a third tier comic book team and very weird. Having a group of oddballs working together to save the galaxy worked for Guardians of the Galaxy, so why not for the Inhumans?

Many questions remain. Will this next big gamble work out for Marvel? Who would be a good director for this group of oddball, lesser known comic characters? Sound off below.

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