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What Makes the LEGO Movie's Message So Great

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 12, 2014
WARNING! Heavy SPOILERS to follow as I will be discussing detailed plotting about The LEGO Movie so do not read any further if you have not seen the film.

HD poster Lego movie wallpaper
This warning is very important. The ending twist for this film is fantastic, and was a big surprise for me because the marketing did a great job of  hiding it. A little background on me for a second so you can understand where I'm coming from: I love to build things. I had some LEGOs when I was a kid, but they were simple blocks and not this fancy crap they have today. I used my imagination and built things with no instruction booklet, or any pictures to follow.

Kids these days get some LEGO set and there is a set of instructions on the box that you have to follow to make it look like the picture. I'm sorry, but that's too damn easy. Whenever we go to a toy store with our son, I'm always bitching about this—ask my wife—because it drains the potential for creativity. Imagine my immense joy when the twist at the start of the last act of The LEGO Movie deals with this very thing—since the entire time, the story within the film was actually the imagination of a real life child!

Then we have Will Ferrell playing his overbearing father, whose goal is to Crazy Glue every single LEGO on their gigantic table together so it's all "perfect". According to him, making a LEGO construction that is outside of the so-called rules of the instruction booklet is not to be tolerated. His goal is to make them all the way they are supposed to be. His son wants to be free to make what he wants, outside of these restrictions, and goes on a quest to make a lowly LEGO construction worker the hero of this story. If successful, this will also stop the father from gluing the pieces together and free the child's imagination.

I freaking love this! It spoke to me so strongly I found myself floored by the revelation. Before this happened I was enjoying myself; the film is fun, light, and has a lot of pep and energy. But I wasn't that impressed by it until this reveal happened. Then it jumped up in my estimation and became something truly special.The message is clear: imagination and following your heart is more important than following the rules.

Was anyone else surprised/impressed/blown away by the twist or am I being weird? Was anyone annoyed and felt like the father character was right in building the LEGOs the "right" way? Sound off below.

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