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Half in the Bag: the Best Movie Review Show Online

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 12, 2014
I love watching movies, and then talking about them. Watching and listening to other people talk about them is fun, too. There are a slew of review shows to watch on YouTube, but the problem is, most of the reviewers simply don't get it; they are either spazoids, yelling and gesticulating annoyingly with their hands (seriously, why can't some of these freaks just calm down for a second?), or they have no idea what they are talking about.

Watch some. They just say, "Yeah, it was cool! Subscribe to our channel, dude!" I'm not exaggerating. The reviews are so shallow and asinine it beggars belief that people watch these videos. One of my least favorites—I won't be a hater and mention names—routinely has hundreds of thousands of views per review. These reviews are usually less than five minutes long, and the guy just spouts off superficial bits about the film that everyone already knows from the trailer. I doubt he even watches the actual movie.

How are these shows being supported? Who is watching them so much? What's wrong with you people? Stop it.

One movie review show that does not do this and actually has some in-depth insight to each film reviewed is called Half in the Bag, brought to you by Red Letter Media, the same guys that did the famous 70 minute Phantom Menace review that got tens of millions of views a while back. That one was brilliant. Look it up, watch, and be blown away. Not only is there entertainment value in the humor, but what Mr. Plinkett says about what's wrong with the Star Wars prequels is spot on.

redlettermedia star wars 70 minute phantom menace review
Their regular review show called Half in the Bag is no different. God forbid that they talk about the movie! Wow. And they know what they are talking about. Mike and Jay have knowledge of filmmaking techniques, and know what storytelling is all about. Shocking, I know. See, when you watch a film, there is more to it than simply how you feel about it. True film fanatics take in more of what is onscreen and judge cinema by its artistic merits. That sounds snobby, I know, but we need to raise our standards as far as what is acceptable for our films.

When we as audience members begin to look deeper into what makes a film of high quality, then perhaps the movies themselves will begin to improve; filmmakers will simply be forced to "up their game" and make better films. If the vast majority of movie reviewers simply spout off talking points (yeah, that was cool and stuff and that was gnarly, dude!) rather than discuss the merits of pacing, characterization, cinematography, thematic uses of literary devices, etc., than we are all doomed to mediocrity. Half in the Bag dissects and discusses these intricacies like few others.

adam sandler is a hack scam artist
My hat is off to Mike and Jay, the hosts of Half in the Bag, and their friend Rich who comes in occasionally to add his expertise on certain genres, for adding depth to the discussion of film. This is a topic I love dearly and it's nice to see a review show that is not so superficial. They don't scream at people to subscribe or comment. They also call filmmakers out on the bullshit they try to peddle. Their insight and comedic timing is much appreciated, so check them out.

Any Red Letter Media fans out there? Anyone watch Half in the Bag or Best of the Worst, another of their shows? Sound off below.

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