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Week in Geek: April 30th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week

Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced.

My take: Star Wars: Episode VII—"Sausage Fest"...seriously, one or two women will be in the cast of this movie? JJ Abrams got slammed for tossing Alice Eve into Star Trek 2 as, basically, eye candy. Looks like we'll see some last-minute casting of some bodacious babes for this one. Unfortunate.

Harrison Ford's Han Solo to Feature "Heavily."

My take: Anyone who thinks this wasn't part of Ford's contract is ignorant. Even though he's been desperate for a hit for years, there's no way he'd have signed on for a bit part or cameo. I bet there's a clause that allows him to do his own stunts, as well.

Justice League movie is GO.

My take: DC/WB finally admits they're a planning Justice League movie. I foresee them screwing up Darkseid, Doomsday, and Brainiac in future films. We already know Wonder Woman is screwed with no solo film planned.

Stan Lee Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo After All.

My take: Originally set to be the first Marvel movie without him, he confirmed he already filmed a scene with a beautiful young woman. Sounds awesome.


Sailor Moon to Return This Summer!

My take: This is a series that will not go away after 22 years. Expect cosplay at Comic Con to feature sailor scouts heavily.

Marvel Netflix Shows Tied to MCU.

My take: Umm…duh? It had never occurred to me that they wouldn't be connected until this was "announced" as news. So, good, I guess.

Arrow Numbers Not Climbing.

My take: Not even final showdowns with Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson are pumping up the numbers on this series. Is it being pirated too much or is interest actually waning?

Fox's X-Men Coming to TV?

My take: Simon Kinberg has Fox convinced that only paying $4–$6 million to produce an episode of TV can be as beneficial as $200 million on a movie. Do we really want more of Fox's X-Men though? I know I don't.


Original Sin Shaping Up.

My take: To be honest, this event looks pretty awesome. Marvel looks to be using it to retcon a lot of things that might work out, though some might not. It will be nice to know some new characters and how everyone moves forward from there. This looks like everyone's dirty laundry will be coming to surface, and we may see some great drama like we got from 2006's Civil War.

New 52 Wally West is Mixed Race.

My take: I have an issue with "change" like any comic book fan, so making our beloved Wally West half black, half Caucasian is hard to swallow. I almost would have preferred a whole new character who became another Flash and leave Wally out of it. Marvel has done a good job introducing NEW characters like Sam Alexander (Nova) and Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man) to keep their books modern. DC is forcing Cyborg down our throats and changing classic character's entire family line and heritage to meet a "quota."

Wolverine To Be Killed.

My take: Impossible. Wolverine cannot die. Except that time he died and The Hand brought him back as an assassin, then that other time he died and was trapped in hell. I guess this time he will just die and be dead for a while "off screen" before coming back in, I'm guessing, 2016.

Tim Drake, Red Robin, Dead in Future's End.

My take: As a longtime Robin fan, I'm really sick and tired of him being "expendable." Damian is dead. Dick is no longer Nightwing and was almost dead. Now, Tim is being killed off? True, this storyline is all over the map when it comes to timeline and alternate universe stuff, so it may mean nothing, but still: DC, death for shock value got old decades ago.


Mario Kart 8 Genius Promo.

My take: Free gas if I buy a video game? Sign me up. Nintendo made a simple decision that got headlines. I love marketing ideas like that.

Stash of 1982 E.T. Atari Games Found in New Mexico.

My take: Originally a game so bad they literally got buried for good will now probably sell for 8000% markup once fully unearthed. Capitalism!


Apple iPhone5 Button Replacement Plan.

My take: A series of the iPhone 5 has sleep button problems, and they've offered to replace them for free. So if yours is wonky, get what's yours, people.

Google+ to Be Cancelled?

My take: Who didn't see this coming? A horribly thought out platform with little to no marketing enforcement.

O2 Trainer Revealed.

My take: Having slightly weaker lungs myself due to lung trauma as a child, this device really peaks my interest. Respiration is extremely important for exercise longevity, and I hope this first prototype sells well, makes money, and makes this cheaper and mainstream.


Bob Hoskins dies.

My take: I know he has a more illustrious career than I am personally aware of, but Hoskins was, surprisingly, my favorite actor in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I was a kid, and I liked him more than the cartoon characters. That says something.

Monty Python to Stream Worldwide.

My take: Monty Python's final show in July of this year will be streamed to movie theaters, just like all those operas you don't go and see at your local cineplex. This is great news for all comedy fans and a real treat. If you don't know them, check them out online. They shaped comedy as we know it and you owe them your very sense of humor!

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