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Dead for Hire Comic Campaign and Preview

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Indie comic supporters and enthusiasts, I've found another one for ya! I stumbled across a preview for a graphic novel I think is going to be great. Thus far, I get a very "Max Payne meets ghost" vibe in this Kickstarter campaign I'd like you to scope out.

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Dead for Hire panelsSecret Dead For Hire Art LinksIke Taylor is a 1950s detective and WWII vet who knows how to get things done. In fact, you might say he's very hands-on. He's had some marks against him for thinking with his fists too much, but hey, it was the 1950s.

DEAD For Hire moviecomic book DEAD for Hire imagesOne day, as Ike looks into a murder on behalf of a high-rolling Hollywood producer, he loses his life in a Chinatown warehouse as a result of supernatural forces. The warehouse then becomes his prison for the better part of 60 years, until it's destroyed. The result? Ike is set free in the modern world to investigate his own death.

Obviously, being a specter—while better for getting into closed or secret places—makes it awfully difficult to get things done. What would you do? Maybe rent a body. Well, that's what Ike would do.

The Kickstarter campaign hints at the possibility of Ike righting some of the wrongs done to him and helping out the love of his life. There are a million places the creators could go with it, and it could be a fantastic read. Check out Dead For Hire and tell me what you think downstairs. Indie?


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