Book Review: The Gift - The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield by Tegon Maus | Fanboys Anonymous
Fantasy fans! Ever had a story to tell that was so out of whack, no one would ever believe you? It seems the main character in this great book, The Gift: Littlefield Chronicles, has a story to tell. Perhaps it's a farce; perhaps there's some truth to it. The thing about Tucker Littlefield is that he loves to tell it and he's very suspenseful about it. It keeps him paid and it keeps him drinking.

Tegon Maus Gift Littlefield Chronicles Book Cover
The book sets off from this point: Tucker in tavern, either spinning a yarn or telling a tale; however you see it. The details of his story are more Big Fish than believable, but it doesn't stop people from getting lost in his magnificent story telling. In fact, they pay to keep him in his seat. And so he tells his tale. It's a tale about a man who is a little more crooked than caring. He cares more for money than people. One night he finds himself in the company of a king, at a ball or festival of some sort.

Keeping such company is probably difficult enough, but when he meets Enon—a massive warrior of a man—and his dog, who has the ability to spy into his soul, everything he knows will be turned on its head. When a young jewel of a girl is taken from the king's home, Tucker finds himself on a quest with Enon to bring her back, and his eyes are opened to the world as it really exists.

This book was fantastic! As far as fantasy goes, The Gift adds a whole new meaning to the word. Several aspects of the novel are totally original. The relationships between the people in it—especially between Tucker and Eloise—are spot on. I can't tell you how often the situations they got into and the dialogue between them made me laugh. Beyond that, author Tegon Maus gives Tucker a "happenstance hero" kind of attitude. And to top it all off, the ending left a smile on my face. It's definitely a book I might read again, a great read, and I fully recommend it. Tell me what you think downstairs.

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