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Week in Geek: April 16th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Spider-Man 2 to Feature X-Men: Days of Future Past Preview?

My take: There is a weird contractual reason behind this move, but does it not scream for "moar"? In a time when movies as mundanely well done as Thor: The Dark World make over a billion dollars, is there really no way to have large studios swallow their pride and give their paying customers what they want?

New Details and Footage of Guardians of the Galaxy this week.

My take: This is my most anticipated movie of 2014. I love that so little footage has been released and there are still so many questions surrounding the plot. With Sony releasing practically every minute of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Marvel/Disney ramming Captain America: The Winter Soldier down our throats for months, this is exciting! It's a good feeling to have a positive cast, crew, and expectations for a huge movie like this (in this day and age).

Fast and Furious 7 Will Finish with Walker's Brothers.

My take: It's amazing how respectful everyone has been regarding Walker's death. Yes, there were some nasty tweets on the weekend of the accident; people on Twitter need attention. However, these movies have gained respect for accepting their genre and running with it. It gained Vin Diesel the same respect he couldn't find in XXX and offering the Walkers the opportunity to help finish his last project is kind of nice. This is a very first world problem, I'm aware.

Panties Drop Globally as Magic Mike 2 Release Date Announced.

My take: I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Channing Tatum and will very likely be taking my girlfriend to this movie.


Stephen Colbert to Take Over Late Night.

My take: I know this is old news now, but I cannot wait to see the "real" Stephen Colbert take over. He won't be playing the pundit character when he makes the move, and it will be extremely interesting to see the response. With his history with Fallon and Kimmel, this could be a crazy new era of crossover comedy that I think could be amazing.

Game of Thrones Is Back.

My take: La la la la la! I'm still on season one! I'm working on it, okay?! Move on.

Marvel Has Kingpin Rights.

My take: …or at least shares them. The Kingpin can now be a main antagonist in the upcoming Netflix Daredevil series. This will potentially spill into the films as well and make for some awesome plot lines.


Robin Recast.

My take: DC has been teasing all year about who will, or could, replace Damian Wayne (who met his end last year). A string of female companions have been hinted at all year, and from hearing them talk at several conventions, I wouldn't put it past DC to cast another male (giving female readership the big f-u). When confronted with questions concerning the disappearance of Stephanie Brown and Starfire's…I can't think of another word for "sluttiness"…DC brushed the topics off and the convention rooms got noticeably uncomfortable. DC, do the right thing after this year of female offerings. Don't be a bunch of Graysons.

Dick Grayson: Winter Soldier.

My take: I'm all for new takes on existing characters, but this is absolute nonsense.


Google Modular Phones Announced.

My take: They seem bulky but these new "block" design phones will be less expensive and highly upgradable. Considering how we love to mod our computers simply for gameplay, these phones are going to be more popular than we realize yet.

Google Glass for All!

My take: Google Glass is still in the research and development phase, no matter what they say. The public isn't ready for this yet, but they want anyone and everyone to try them out! These went on sale for one day on April 15th. If you have a pair and have used them extensively, contact us with your review!

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