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2014 Internet Goddess Award Tournament - Round 1 B8

Posted by The Dace Man Sunday, February 23, 2014
The Hottest women half nude and on your PCThe Internet certainly has its set of stars that are world-renowned. Of those stars, we've seen a rise of talented, witty, and beautiful women who have taken the Internet by storm. Join me, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace, over the course of the next few weeks as we crown the 2014 Internet Goddess. This time around we take a look at round one of the tournament and highlight the contestants. In bracket 8, we see Chet Siegel vs. Catie Wayne and Lindsey Stirling vs. Sarah Austin. You have until February 28th to vote for Round 1!

Chet Siegel (YouTube Personality, Comedian)

Half nude photos of Chet Siegel boobs Host of Guyism Speed Round during the day and improver at night, this beautiful Internet talent took over hosting duties last year. A native of the state of West Virginia and, as you can see from the video below, a Philadelphia Eagles Fan (huge brownie points for me!), Chet is cute, quirky, and full of energy as she brings us news with a comedic twist every week. If you're a native of NYC, you can check her out at Magnet Theater, and you can always catch her on Guyism as well as the 2014 Internet Goddess Tournament.

Catie Wayne (YouTube Personality, Vlogger)

Half Nude Boxxy cleavageIn late 2008 Catie Wayne busted onto the Internet scene with a highly energetic vlog under the character of Boxxy. With high energy and talking about everyday life, Boxxy took the Internet by storm, including the infamous site 4chan. Hers was a character that was so unique it hooked the attention of the Internet audience. Boxxy was one of the original Internet Phenomenons and generated a lot of attention both positive and negative. Without a doubt she has secured a spot on the 2014 Internet Goddess Tournament.

So who takes this round? The relative newcomer Chet? Or the vet, Boxxy?
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Lindsey Stirling (Musician, YouTube Personality)

YouTuber Lindsey Stirling cuteWhen it comes to the 2014 Internet Goddess Tournament there is a plethora of talents that make their way onto the interwebs. Musicians are one of the categories that are hit or miss, and when it comes to Lindsey Stirling, it is most definitely a hit. The amazingly talented violinist from California has produced her own music and even appeared on America's Got Talent in 2010. Although the evil wench Sharon Osborne might have cut her down, she has most certainly bounced back and proved Sharon wrong. No wonder this talented musician has become a huge hit as well as earned her self a spot on the tournament!

Sarah Austin (YouTube Personality, Producer)

hot Sarah Austin modeling photos An Arkansas girl with a knack for spotting Internet success, not only was Sarah one of the original life casters on Justin.tv but she also produced several series that would capture the attention of the Internet audience. She went on to produce a show for Bravo network solidifying her eye for entertainment that would capture interests. Producing isn't where she's stopped, though; she's been an on-air personality for many shows such as FOX's X-Factor. It's no surprise that Sarah has earned a spot on the 2014 Internet Goddess Tournament.

So who wins the final match up of Round 1? The Violinist? Or Producer?

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Check back for more brackets and, as always, check back regularly to see what Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at (and no, not just porn) as well as all of the other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. Remember, keyboard warriors: leave your feedback! Until the next time, for the few, the proud, and of course, the Dacetacular, grab a beer—and in this case an Internet browser—and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time!

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