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Heroes Reborn: NBC Brings Heroes Back for a 13-Episode Event Series

Posted by Unknown Sunday, February 23, 2014
Hollywood and comics have a few things in common, but with their forces combined, nothing that can bring in money or has some kind of fan base ever truly dies. As such, during the Olympics last night, NBC aired a promo announcing the return of their once-hit show Heroes, an event series titled Heroes Reborn.

Screen Shots Heroes Reborn 2015 Miniseries Logo

Much like FOX is doing with their (for now) single-season return of 24, NBC will air the 13-episode return of Heroes in 2015. It's a good time for it, considering the rapid influx of superheroics to the small screen: the CW's Arrow and upcoming Flash series, ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and FOX's in-development Gotham series. Heroes distinguished itself when it first aired in 2006 as an intriguing and compelling sci-fi drama that wasn't based on any previous property. The first season, introducing a cast of everyday people who discover their incredible abilities, was very well received, but the series was hamstrung in the second season by the Writer's Guild strike. It clung to life for two more increasingly cluttered and confusing seasons, continually changing up the production staff, before being cancelled at the end of their fourth season. In its way, it was probably influential in helping to greenlight similar but shorter-lived "people with powers" television shows like No Ordinary Family and Alphas, among others.

Even after Heroes' cancellation, fans held out hope for more as NBC and the show's creator, Tim Kring, spoke theoretically of a TV movie or limited season with which they could wrap up the show's end more neatly, but it never came to fruition—until now. Kring is confirmed as returning for the event series, but there is no word yet on whether previous cast members would also return. Series stars like Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto have found success in other shows or films, but it seems unlikely NBC would find an entirely new cast while simultaneously banking on the recognition factor Heroes obviously still commands. Chances are good that at least a few familiar faces will return. NBC is producing a digital series with the aim of introducing characters and storylines before airing the first episode of Heroes Reborn, which could mean a reintroduction to previous characters or a primer for new stuff (or both).

Here's your moment, Heroes fans. Are you on board for Heroes Reborn? What are your hopes and fears for the show? How many people do you think Sylar had to lobotomize to make this happen? Comment away below.

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