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Savage Wolverine (2013) #3 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Wolverine, buddy, what are they doing to you? It's no secret that I haven't been a fan of Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine. While the artwork and parts of the writing and dialogue have been just fantastic, the one aspect of the book that fails every single time I've read this series is the characterization of Wolverine. Frank Cho is just not getting it, and it's killing an otherwise entertaining book.

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If you came here expecting to see something different, I suggest you walk away now. This issue was like waiting for the horrible thing you know is going to happen to happen. In this case, that horrible thing was the appearance of Wolverine. Admittedly, I enjoyed the first half of the book greatly. Amadeus Cho is comically taking advantage of the situation he is in, and, at the same time, we get a clearer picture of the big picture behind this story.

Then, it happens. Wolverine makes an appearance, and it all goes downhill from there. The internal monologue is perhaps the worst part of it all. What Cho writes as Logan's thoughts are not believable, and I find myself thinking time and time again that this is not Wolverine. It's just not. What I would give for someone else to take over with the writing and have Frank stay on as the artist...

It's a shame that a book with such potential could have been ruined so much by a writer's perception of a character. In the case of Bendis and Emma Frost, it's mostly forgivable due to her relatively minor role. A case like this, however, cannot be forgiven, as the whole point of this series is to tell a Wolverine story. You just can't go mucking it all up when it's this kind of a situation, bub.

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Score: 5/10

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