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Mega Man for Super Smash Bros. 4

Posted by SpoodBeest Thursday, March 21, 2013
Welcome back all to the latest video on route to the road to E3, in this latest video I talk about the possibility of Mega Man being a possible third party character in the fourth Smash Brothers game.

Capcom has publicly stated their interest in working closely with Nintendo to develop games for their new Wii U console. With that being said and potential of the two companies working a little more closely, could a deal be made to perhaps insert Mega Man into the Smash franchise?

We may all have our doubts on this with Capcom's recent burial of the character and franchise as a whole which includes the infamous rib where Mega Man was not so gracefully portrayed when Capcom gave him the appearance he had in Street Fighter X Tekken. Not to mention there is always speculation that if Capcom does provide Nintendo with a third party character they could always choose Ryu, any other Street Fighter representative or someone entirely different.

However hugely requested characters have paid dividends for fans of this series before as Sonic who was not only the most requested third party character but also the most requested character for Brawl ended up making it into the game as Sega obviously was able to come to some sort of agreement with Nintendo for the appearance. Will Capcom be the next success to that? As of right now it still remains to be seen but game director Mashiro Sakurai has stated on many occasions he wants a roster that reflects more of an old school feel to it for this next game, and who better to represent as far back as the Nintendo Entertainment System itself than Mega Man?

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