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New Avengers (2013) #4 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Cue the ominous and dark music, because it's New Avengers time! With the fate of the entire universe in the hands of a select few, New Avengers has made for a fantastic couple of books so far, wrought with moral questions and dark deeds. Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting paint the story of a dying world and how far people are willing to go to save it.

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Having avoided near disaster in the previous issue through the loss of the Infinity Gauntlet, New Avengers #4 opens with some fresh ideas to prevent the end of everything. Mr. Fantastic and the Black Panther have an obviously scientific solution to things, while Doctor Strange, as is usual, has a dark spell to remedy the situation. The entire book, as well as the entire series, is a constant tug of war between right and wrong, and this issue, like its predecessors, conveys the message beautifully.

While I'm not generally a fan of the overuse of shadows, the art style in the book is fitting. Although the dialogue displays a certain level of confidence, it is clear from the facial expressions and use of shadows that there is also a hint of shame mixed in there, as well.

One thing that I am worried about however, is that this story may develop into something bigger than it already is. The series runs the risk of going over peoples' heads as the heaviness of the plot mounts. It's a line that Hickman has walked perfectly so far, but there's a chance that he might cross is in some future issues.

I will admit that the talking and moral acrobatics can get a little tiring, and I'm glad that New Avengers #4 ends on a note that will no doubt bring some fighting action in the next book. After all, while the mind is certainly a powerful weapon, it's oftentimes not as satisfying as a good spell, claw strike, or repulsor blast.

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Score: 8/10

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