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Astonishing X-Men Volume 1: Gifted Review

Posted by The Dace Man Friday, November 2, 2012
What up Fan boys? You cant stop the magic that is coming off the fingertips of yours truly, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace. For my fourth post of the day were gonna dive into the Joss Whedon series of the Astonishing X-Men. I'm pretty sure with just that sentence millions of pants babies were just born. Though Whedon only wrote the first 4 volumes of the Astonishing X-men there's no reason not to invest in this franchise...I know I say that a lot but if you're a true comic fan at least pick up the first four volumes. Hell if you got all hot and bothered over the Avengers this summer you definitely need to pick up this series. So men strap on your tightest blue and yellow tights and girls wear something white and very slutty because here we go with Astonishing X-Men Volume 1: Gifted collecting issues 1-6.

We kick of this new telling of X-men with Emma Frost and Cyclops gathering a new team to Astonish the world. The story follows Kittie Pryde returning to the mansion as the beginning of a new school year. We see that beast has returned as well and they introduce the students to themselves. We discover Emma and Scott are in a relationship now and with that we get the unorthodox yet completely expected return of Wolverine to battle with Cyclops. with them fighting in the yard it delivers one of my favorite lines from Emma Frost: "Superpowers, A scintillating wit and the best body money can buy...and I still rate bellow a corpse". Emma is of course alluding to the death of Jean Grey in the original run of X-Men. Beast eventually get the two sides to calm down and the gang will head to battle a robbery in the city and roll into Issue 2.

In Issue 2 we're kicked off with a press conference of a new mutant who can not control this monster that lives with in her as a party crasher that occurred in the previous issue. The X-Men respond to the party crasher and light that place up in Joss Whedon fashion! Action, Action and some more action to show the world the X-Men are back.after skirmishing with the party crasher that takes off leaving the X-Men to deal with the whole "We're Back" thing. Beast then takes of to the Lab where the young mutant introduced earlier in the issue was taken and "the cure". End numero dos.

The third installment takes us to mutants demanding "the cure" from the Lab. we find that the Party Crasher from last night is also at the lab. GASP!!! I thought Whedon was writing this not M. Knight try and spell it. then as wwe finish up with that breathtaking page we see some one else talk and it's none other than NICK FURY!! I can't handle this excitement. Shield aligning themselves with the X-Men OHH MERHHH GAWWDDD! Alright that's enough heavy breathing fat man impressions...i need to hit the gym.  So Fury is looking to take some one down and alerts Scott of his plans. Elsewhere in the mansion Wolverine gets the jump on Beast because Beast is becoming a beast. Didn't see that one coming. so they bounce off the walls off the mansion stabbing each other infront of students enough to piss of the White Queen and leave us a cliff hanger for Issue 4. Good thing I bought the collection. Forward! Unlike Obama's campaign...awww he went there.

Some one say Jean again? The woman's been dead even before this collection and she gets more reads than I do. Hashtag whiskey tango foxtrot.So we kick this off with a little bit of back story on the party crasher I mentioned a few times before. Cool stuff right? Not really same old tired schtick. Wolverine please just whoop this guys alien booty. Ok so here's the plan the X-Men are gonna go with, storm the Lab and see what's up. Party Crasher decides he's going to go the mansion and confront them. Some kids in their PJs tell the slow poke he just missed em. Now he has to rush home to make tea. Jay Kay he does some thing very villainous and you'll have to buy it to see what he exactly does. The X-Men though find some cool shiz though at the lab like a 6'7" guy made of metal you guys might remember. Time to mambo over to number 5...see what I did there?

Lets see how quick I can Some up Issue 5. And go. Scott takes a Nap. Villainous act from issue 4 revealed. Still not gonna tell you, go buy it. Colossus reflects. Wolverine kicks some ass. Party Crasher gets back to the Lab. Shield appears. End scene. How did I do? Ready for 6, in case you can't tell I'm smiling right now.

So 6 starts with some more back story on the whole cure and a stand off between the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. This of course is interrupted, by the mutants who were impatiently waiting for the cure outside. so every one brawls and Party Crasher runs away after the little girl that creates the horrid monster. Arguments and action continue through this issue until we see the classic shot put of wolverine at the ship of the Party Crasher from Colossus. thus ending the story...or is it?

Check back soon when I have volume 2 up and not today. Here it comes I know you read these articles just for this line that I copy and paste and change only one thing. As always check back regularly to see what  Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at, and no not just porn, as well as all other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. So for The Few, The Proud, and of course The Dacetacular, grab a beer, or in this case a mutated pair of jeans, and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time.

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