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Earth's Mightiest Heros Canceled! Replaced by Avengers Assembled

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 2, 2012
After two seasons Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is no more. In this humble writers opinion, EMH was the best marvel cartoon since the original X-Men cartoon circa 1992. Despite being on the Disney XD channel the cartoon featured plenty of witty/sarcastic humor along with carefully crafted stories. With the characters back stories already told, the series was able to jump into classic stories and amusing interactions between the Avengers. The series was starting to tackle some of the biggest arcs in Marvel including the Secret Invasion. From where the storyline left off a half season arc of Civil War could easily have been accomplished.

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So why was it canceled? EMH was canceled and replaced by a new series Avengers Assemble. The new series will focus on the characters from the Avengers movie. Costumes will closely resemble the costumes in the movie. Viewers will most likely have to sit through another half season of origin stories for the characters. The Falcon character was added to Avengers Assemble despite not appearing in the Avengers movie. Falcon is not a character is the movie but is being added to replace T'Challa as the minority character on the team. I would have preferred Panther or Luke Cage over Falcon, but I also would have preferred for EMH not to be canceled.

What I will miss most:

+ Hawkeye and Hulk’s friendship
+ Captain America and Winter Solider finishing their story
+ Hulk and Thor constantly arguing
+ Enchantress and Surtur finishing their story
+ Future episodes featuring the New Avengers

Good luck Avengers Assembled. You have big shoes to fill.

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