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Titus: Past, Present and Future?

Posted by The Dace Man Friday, November 2, 2012
Hey there gang, Dace Man here venturing outside my normal realm of comics to talk to you about one of my favorite shows Titus.The show had it's run on Fox from March of 2000 till Early August of 2002. Definitely one of my all time favorite shows, Christopher Titus gave us a peak in to his brain with hilarious dark comedy that ran for a total of 54 Episodes.

Each episode would ceremoniously begin with Chris in a room with a single light. This setting was essentially Chris's mind and what was going on inside while the situations on the outside were occurring. The entire series followed a dysfunctional family dealing with very serious situations that were some how turned funny by the excellent cast. Stacy Keach as the father was an excellent choice for an intimidating father figure. Zach Ward portrayed the moronic step brother who followed the older brother around where ever he went. David Shatraw played the metro-sexual best friend Tommy Shafter and Cynthia Watros playing the 'normal' girlfriend Erin Fitzpatrick. The show immediately got rave reviews and a large cult following, still seen today. The show was quit witted and shot in real time with as minimal takes as possible.

With high ratings, excellent writing and a fan base that did not diminish through the years Titus was ruling the airwaves on Fox. The dark humor and rapid fire of jokes easily hooked audiences into scenarios that connected with audiences. The show also carried something that is important with a succesful run which is re-watch value. Ultimately though the network wishes and inconvenient timing for a certain episode lead to the demise of this instant classic.

Around the same time of Titus there was another couple on the air besides Chris and Erin, they were Dharma and Greg. Dharma and Greg had a split during there season which saw a spike in ratings, being a network executive this would make you very happy. According to Titus, Fox network approached him looking to do the same thing with Erin and Chris on the show. Titus refused to follow through with it since he and his real life wife Erin were still together as well as it creatively didn't fit the shows purpose, a pair trying to be normal whilst the family around were dysfunctional. Well once you bite the hand that feeds you, even though I completely agree with Titus, the Network stopped promoting the show and moved its time slot to watch the show slowly die on its own. On top of all that an episode on terrorism aired shortly after the tragic 9/11. The show was dead.

Christopher Titus continued to do comedy specials for Comedy Central after the shows end in 2002 but for fan boys, hey that's us, a glimmer of hope came in May 2010. A story broke that says Titus was in negotiations with Fox to produce a somewhat sequel to the cult favorite Titus. There would be, however, some differences. The story would continue 8 yrs after the original runs end, He would have divorced Erin and unfortunately his father would be dead. Granted this is all running parallel with his real life but come on a Titus without Stacy Keach! So what do you think? Would you like to see Titus II: Titus Strikes Back or should he let the original 54 episodes be the magical essences that was Titus?

Titus Renewal


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