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Week in Geek #129: Project 007, Franklin Richards is Not a Mutant and More

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, November 22, 2020

Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

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Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Lethal Weapon 5

Mel Gibson says Lethal Weapon 5 is still in the works with Richard Donner at the helm. Very cool. I'm down for it. The movies aren't Oscar-caliber, but they're quality entertainment and I'm curious to see where they take the franchise. Do they have kids who take over, for instance?

Franklin Richards Isn't a Mutant

Marvel has retconned the idea that Franklin Richards is a mutant by making it so, as they've stated, his cosmic powers made it seem like he was a mutant because he wanted to be special.

While I'm not super duper into the reasoning behind it, I'm all for Richards not being a mutant. The less crossover, the better. In my mind, as much as I love the X-Men series, I think a lot of characters are better off NOT being mutants. In fact, I wrote an article about it. Check it out here: https://www.fanboysanonymous.com/2019/06/x-men-characters-who-should-not-be.html

Batman: Soul of the Dragon Trailer

For a one-shot, this seems neat. I'm not normally into the whole "wouldn't it be interesting if X took place during a different time period and that's the one and only hook to get you to watch this?" type thing. I'm also not into the 70s culture. However, the idea of a story where Batman teams up with Bronze Tiger, Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva is interesting. I'll be checking it out in January for sure.

Wonder Woman 1984 Streaming on HBO Max & Releasing in Theaters on December 25th

They finally caved and announced they'll be releasing Wonder Woman 1984 simultaneously in theaters on Christmas as well as streaming on HBO Max. It's about time. This movie's been pushed back so many times that it became the new New Mutants in a way.

Funny enough, I just watched New Mutants and it was HORRENDOUS. Also, all signs point to the leaked script of WW1984 being real and you know what? That script was not doing it for me. So I'm anticipating this will be a bad film that people will be more excited to see just because it's a new release and they'll be starved for content, so they'll overrate it just like the first Wonder Woman.

Project 007

A video game is in the works, dubbed Project 007 for now, which will revolve around James Bond earning his 00 status. I'm down for that. Many Bond games over the years have been rubbish, though, and they haven't been able to replicate the success of GoldenEye or The World is Not Enough. I'd like to see them go back to that sort of formula while incorporating some more modern mechanics while not getting bogged down into the problems of what some post-2000 games tend to get messed up by.

With that, I mean you shouldn't feel like the game is there only for multiplayer, you shouldn't have to do quicktime events as some forced linear trajectory, there should be a distinct ability to see what's going on in your surroundings rather than to make things dark and dour where you NEED some sort of night vision goggles or "detective mode" stuff to navigate, and you shouldn't focus so much on cut scene cinematics and graphics that you sacrifice the gameplay just for some impressive trailer visuals to sell the game. Also...no DLC that you have to pay for just to make the game worth buying in the first place. Give people a game that they can enjoy and love from the start and that word of mouth can make it a classic, rather than a cash grab capitalizing on the popularity of the character just to make a quick buck.

Also...and it goes without saying this, based on the way No Time to Die is marketing itself as the end of James Bond and the transition to a new 007...if this is your attempt to wrap up the James Bond story and to move on to Nomi, you're going to be screwed.

Another Predator

10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is going to helm another Predator film. Frankly, I think they've said all they need to say.

I just actually watched Alien and Aliens for the first time this week. Decent films, but overrated in a sense that while they were great for their times, they don't hold up as much anymore to a modern viewer. Predator does the same. But I think there's only been one good Predator film and I doubt this next one will be anything that impressive.

Wonder Girl CW Show

Wonder Girl is getting a CW show. Pass. I haven't watched any of these shows in a long while cause they're all the same and none of them last more than a season before they get too derailed.




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