Fanboys Fix It: Pokémon Generation I (Red, Blue, Yellow) Remake Part 2 - The Pokédex | Fanboys Anonymous
Welcome to part 2 of my Fanboys Fix It of Pokemon Generation I.

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For the general setup and information on items, difficulty levels, HM/TMs and more generic stuff, go to part 1. Part 3 will be the story elements.

But this is part 2, which is the most complicated section and the biggest undertaking: the Pokedex.

Fixing the problems of Pokemon Red Blue Yellow Green video games

Some Notes

- As I mentioned in part 1, this is all with the benefit of hindsight.

- That means in instances where a future evolution happened and they couldn't put it in the logical slot in the Pokedex, we can undo some of that. If you're dead set on "Dragonite must be #149"...well, too bad. That's not happening.

- I'm allowing myself the leeway of having 201 Pokemon. Gold, Silver and Crystal were on the same console and they had 251, so I don't think it's that much of a stretch for us to carry that over and just cut it down a bit.

- Genders are a thing. That allows more variation in design and slimming down on things like Nidoking/Nidoqueen taking up extra spots.

- Different forms are also a thing. You'll see.

- Breeding is a thing, like in Generation 2 and onward.

- Believe it or not, particularly when you get to how crazy I changed some things, I actually went into this with the goal in mind to change as little as possible. I could have done so much more!!

- I did an article in the past about Pokemon with wrong types that some of this is based on, although some of it is different from that.

- I'll be breaking down each Pokemon in clusters with all their new information.

Cut Pokemon

Yes, despite how I gave myself an extra 50-100 slots to work with, I ran out of space. I wanted to have a TON more ideas of original things, which I'll probably put in a separate article or something down the line, if you want to hear those ideas.

But even still, the new ideas combined with taking some Pokemon from future generations (for example, it's stupid to have just Magnemite and Magneton without Magnezone on this list) maxed out my numbers and I had to cut a bunch.

Some of these will be explained down below, like why I have no more Eeveelutions. Others, I'll address here:

  • Venonat + Venomoth = I subscribe to the theory that these two and Butterfree had a crossover, and I just don't see the point. They can be repurposed for the next generation and not look like Butterfree variants.
  • The Victreebel Trio = There's enough variation in the grass lines as it is, down below, and I wanted to expand on something like Tangela instead. Ultimately, knowing that there will be other games, I'd rather take this line of pitcher plant inspired Pokemon and make this trio part of the next generation's early catch ones, along with Hoppip, Jumpluff and Skiploom, for instance. I REALLY wanted to put those little cotton balls in here, too, by the way.
  • Slowpoke + Slowbro + Slowking = You're going to hate me for this, but I thought it was necessary. The gimmick of a dumb Water-type Pokemon getting smarter and being part Psychic is already covered with Psyduck. Nobody knows what the hell Slowpoke really is. Is it half salamander, half hermit crab? It's at least partially inspired by sazae, which is a shellfish snail type thing, but it's got way too much going on. I'd rather revisit it another generation when we can play into the Shellder gimmick for an evolution. I even thought about having it be Water/Normal just for something different, and then I realized I would rather free up those 3 spots for more Pokemon.
  • Dodrio = You'll see.
  • Electrode = You'll see.
  • Kabuto or Kabutops, or Omanyte or Omastar = You'll see.
Strap yourselves in. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

 The New Pokedex

000. Mew (Psychic or Psychic / Fairy)

- You think you only have 200 available to catch in the game, but you can get the 201st through some kind of special event (not under a truck). When you do that, your Pokedex changes to show it as 000 instead of 201, because it's the ancestor.

- Mew can either be pure Psychic or it can be Psychic/Fairy, as it's definitely fairy-like. I lean more toward just Psychic, though.

#001. Bulbasaur (Grass) → #002. Ivysaur (Grass) → #003. Venusaur (Grass / Poison)

- All starters will get a new typing for the third evolution, so my big change is that Bulbasaur and Ivysaur are pure Grass.

- I would definitely want to see an Electric form of this in some future game where it's a light bulb and the ivy is a set of electrical wiring.

#004. Charmander (Fire) → #005. Charmeleon (Fire) → #006. Charizard (Fire / Flying * Dragon)

- Charizard would be Fire / Flying by default, but you could make it replace Flying with Dragon if you gave it the evolutionary item that turns things into the Dragon type. I don't have a clear idea of what that would be, so for the purposes of this list, I'll just call it Dragon Scale.

#007. Squirtle (Water) → #008. Wartortle (Water) → #009. Blastoise (Water / Steel*)

- It has a cannon. Why isn't it part Steel?

- If you hate that it's Steel by default, we can make it optional with the Metal Coat.

#010. Caterpie (Bug) → #011. Kakuna (Bug) → #012. Butterfree (Bug / Flying)

- No changes, other than how Metapod was changed to the Kakuna name to make room for...

#013. Combee (Bug / Poison) → #014. Waspod (Bug / Poison) → #015. Thornet (Bug / Poison)

- Weedle is now Combee. It's a honeycomb larva.

- Waspod is basically Kakuna, but with a name change. That's why we got rid of Metapod. It's the honeycomb larva that wraps itself into a comb pod for metamorphosis.

- Beedrill was renamed because I like the name Thornet better and I use "drill" for another Pokemon.

#016. Pidgey (Flying) → #017. Quiccoo (Flying) → #018. Rushawk (Flying)

- I get that Pidgeotto is "pidgey at level 18" and Pidgeot is supposed to be "pidgey jet" but those names are confusing. So many people, myself included, feel like Pidgeotto sounds like it's the step after Pidgeot. So let's just bypass that entirely. Quiccoo is "quick coo" and Rushawk is "rush hawk" to showcase the speed getting better and becoming a bird that is super fast, which I would have reflected in its speed stat (and maybe attack).

- There's no need to be Normal with Flying. If you REALLY want it, though, I'm open to changing that.

#019. Spearow (Flying / Dark) → #020. Drearow (Flying / Dark) → #021. Fearkrow (Flying / Dark)

- This is basically Spearow and Fearow combined with Murkrow. Essentially, it's a vulture crow thing.
- The name of Drearow is based on "dreary" and Fearkrow is obviously fear crow.

#022. Rattata (Normal) → #023. Ratched (Normal) → #024. Raticate (Normal / Dark)

- Let's flesh out the rats to have a full three-tier evolution.
- Dark type because rats are gross and all.
- I considered giving this a Poison evolution and making it Ratiation.
- I also considered the name Rodentures, which is just ridiculous.

#025. Rabbid (Normal or Dark) → #026. Rabbeast (Normal or Dark) → #027. Rabbutcher (Normal or Dark + ****** )

- This is actually taking the place of both male and female Nidoran lines. I've condensed 6 into 3.

- Why the name change? Well, what is Nidoran and all that? They're a "porcupine needle rabbit gorilla rhino". I thought the more obvious was a rabbit, but that it takes on this monstrous, feral hunter vibe.

- As such, I wanted to name it something that lets you know it's an exterminator that will wreck your shit, so we're going with Rabbid for rabbit that is rabid, Rabbeast and Rabbutcher are pretty obvious.

* With regards to the typing, this thing is an apex predator. You can give it a bunch of items to change its typing so that it can learn how to hunt better. It can be Dragon, Fighting, Ice, Poison, Rock or Steel along with Normal or Dark. I couldn't decide if it's better as pure Normal or pure Dark at first, but I'd lean more toward pure Dark.

#028. Ekans (Poison) → #029. Arbok (Poison) → #030. Slahknir (Poison *)

- Snake. Kobra/cobra. There are damn near no good snake names that can be spelled backwards without being awkward.

Boa. Adnocana. Relttar. Ksilisab. Nohtyp. Repiv. (They're all terrible).

But there's a cobra called Rinkhals, so that works as Slahknir.

* Extra typing can make it either Poison / Dark or Poison / Dragon.

#031. Pichu (Electric) → #032. Pikachu (Electric) → #033. Raichu (Electric)

- You can't mess with the mascot.

#034. Armadig (Ground) → #035. Pangarmy (Ground) → #036. Armordrillo (Ground / *)

- This is Sandshrew and Sandslash. I love their designs and would elaborate on them and give them their proper due.

- It's based on a pangolin and an army helmet with its outer shell.

* Metal Coat makes it Ground / Steel
* Icy Coat makes it Ice / Steel or Ice / Ground, I'm not sure

#037. Cleffa (Fairy) → #038. Clefairy (Fairy) → #039. Clefable (Fairy)

- This line, not the Jigglypuff line, is the singer. It has clef in its name.

#040. Foxtot (Fire) → #041. Vulpix (Fire) → #042. Ninetales (Fire / Fairy)

- Foxtot is the baby. It has 3 tails.
- Vulpix is the same, so is Ninetales. The only difference is that it gains the Fairy type.

#043. Jigglypuff (Normal) → #044. Wigglytuff (Normal) → #045. Bigglybuff (Normal / Fighting)

- Not a singer, as I mentioned.
- Not Fairy, either.
- Instead, this is an angry little puff ball that puffs itself up to be bigger and tougher, until it becomes a fighter.
- The item you use to make it Fighting type? Boxing Gloves. (same item you'd give to Rabbutcher)

#046. Zubat (Poison / Dark) → #047. Golbat (Poison / Dark) → #048. Crobat (Poison / Dark)

- I think I'd rename these, but I don't know what names. Some kind of vampbite thing or something.

- No need for Poison / Flying. It'll be redundant with the Koffing line. These are more evil, so they get Dark. Plus, they're in caves, so all that more reason to be Dark.

#049. Oddish (Grass) → #050. Gloom (Grass / Dark) → #051. Vileplume (Grass / Dark)
#049. Oddish (Grass) → #052. Bellsprout (Grass / Fairy) → #053. Bellossum (Grass / Fairy)

- Split evolution.

- It's a mandrake that looks odd (and is one of my favorite Pokemon, so cute) and can turn out either ugly or beautiful.

- If you give it the ugly item, it goes to Gloom and Vileplume, where it's drooling and gross looking.
- If you give it the pretty item, it sprouts into the belle of the ball, and blossoms into beauty.

- The items are game-specific, encouraging trades.

- This is why there's no Victreebel line. In Generation 2, those 3 would return, but have names based on how they're the "pitcher" plant.

#054. Parasect (Bug / Grass) → #055. Parazytik (Bug / Poison) → #056. Parazombi (Bug / Ghost)

- Very similar to what we have now with Paras, but more fleshed out and with a name change for Parasitic and then eventually, parasitic zombie when it's a husk of its former self.

- Instead of staying Bug and Grass, it gets poisoned by the mushroom and then becomes a ghost when it's fully mind-controlled.

#057. Blindig (Ground / Dark) → #058. Shrewlunk (Ground / Dark) → #059. ??? (Ground / Dark)

- So here's the Diglett line reconceptualized.

- Instead of a mole that turns into 3 moles, this is more like another version of the Sandshrew line.

- I'm blanking on the names. I like Shrewlunk, which is a spin off a shrew and spelunking. I don't like Blindig, but I like incorporating "blind" in there. The third form should be a mole with the red star on it, but holy shit can we not name this Molestar...

- If you don't want it to be Dark type because you think that needs to stay Evil like how the type is in Japan, just make it pure Ground. It's found in caves, so I think it should be Dark.

#060. Luckitty (Normal) → #061. Meowth (Normal) → #062. Purrsian (Normal)

- I could work more on the names to go more with the fortune luck cat thing.

- At the very least, Persian should be Purrsian.

- If I had more room for another 3 Pokemon, I'd make a counterpart to this that is a black cat named Feraluck or something that is Ghost type and cursed instead of lucky.

- I gave strong consideration to making this a Psychic or Fairy type.

#063. Golduck (Water) → #064. Heduacke (Water / Psychic) → #065. Psyquack (Water / Psychic)

- The gold duck is the Golduck. That always bugged me.

- Heduacke is pronounced Hedwack. It's a play off headache, head quack, and head whack in that it slaps its head because it has a headache.

- Psyquack is obviously psychic quack duck.

- Yes, it is Psychic type now. The way it should be.

#066. Kongbatt (Fighting / Normal *) → #067. Guorilla (Fighting / Normal *) → #068. Primeape (Fighting / Normal *)

- This is the Mankey line. I hate the name Mankey, so I changed that.

- Names are kong combat and guerilla gorilla.

- Why Fighting / Normal instead of pure Fighting? I wanted to differentiate it from Machamp.

* Option to turn it into Fighting / Dark with an item because it'll fight dirty.

#069. Puppyre (Fire) → #070. Growlava / Growlcano (Fire) → #071. Volcanine (Fire)

- This is Growlithe and Arcanine with name changes and a third evo.

- The names are puppy with pyre, growl with volcano or lava, and volcano with canine.

- I do like the names Growlithe and Arcanine, but I like these better and they're more specific to a fire dog trio.

- I desperately wanted to put Houndour, Houndoom and a third evo with three heads that were all Fire / Dark to counterbalance this, but didn't have the room for it. Generation 2!

#072. Poliwag (Water) → #073. Poliwhirl (Water) → #074. Poliwave (Water)

-No Poliwrath. It's too similar to Poliwhirl. Instead, let's have an actual frog.

- Alternate names are Poliwade, Poliswirl, Poliswamp, Poliwash, Poliwell...

#075. Abra (Psychic) → #076. Kadabra (Psychic) → #077. Alakazam (Psychic)

- No changes.

- Okay maybe...MAYBE there's the chance you can play with the Steel type with the spoons by giving it Metal Coat. I don't know about that, though.

#078. Machump (Fighting) → #079. Machop (Fighting) → #080. Machamp (Fighting)

- I don't think Machoke is a good name. Why is it choking something? I'd rather it go from a chump of a weakling to something working its way through the chopping block until it becomes a champion.

#081. Tentacool (Water / Poison) → #082. Tentacull (Water / Poison) → #083. Tentacruel (Water / Poison)

- Middle evolution added with a name based on cull.

#084. Geodude (Rock* / Fighting) → #085. Graveler (Rock* / Fighting) → #086. Golum (Rock* / Fighting)

- I could put more work into the names, but at least I changed Golem.

- Icy Coat and Metal Coat turn it into Ice/Fighting and Steel/Fighting, naturally.

#087. Coalt (Fire) → #088. Torchorse (Fire) → #089. Charriot (Fire / Steel)

- Rapidash line redone. These are primarily male.

- Coalt is a play on colt and coal.
- Torchorse is torch horse.
- Charriot is char and chariot, with this being a horse in a chariot like Chariots of Fire.

#090. Ponyta (Fairy) → #091. Unequurn (Fairy) → #092. Pegasteed (Fairy / Flying)

- This is very clearly a counterpart horse based off a unicorn and a pegasus. These are primarily female.

- Ponytail / unicorn equus / pegasus steed

#093. Magnemite (Electric / Steel) → #094. Magnemate (Electric / Steel) → #095. Magneton (Electric / Steel)

- One, then two, then three. The logical progression. Not one and then three.

- You evolve this by having another Magnemite in your party for each evolutionary step and both are holding a magnetizer item or something like that. You have to "release" one of them, in a sense, as they fuse together. Basically, you have to pick one of them to get erased from your file.

#096. Fowlott (Flying / Grass *)

- This is Farfetch'd with a name change to play off fowl shallot.

- I considered making this Fighting, but there are enough of those. Maybe, if you give it Boxing Gloves, it gets that type.

 #097. Dodumbo (Normal / Ground *)

- Counterpart game exclusive variant to Fowlott.

- This is Doduo, but instead of it being 2 heads, it's just one. There's no Dodrio.

- It's a dodo that is a dumbo.

- Since it's so dumb, it can't fly, which makes it Normal and Ground. Stupid idiot.

- Maybe there's an item that can make it Normal / Flying, but I don't know. An item like Feather Wing or something.

#098. Seel/? (Water / Ice) → #099. Dewgong/? (Water / Ice) → #100. Narwhale (Water / Ice)

- Seel should never be just Seel. At least Spheal is a spherical seal, and Sealeo is a sea lion and all. The same goes for Dewgong being a dumb name. But I don't know what I would rename those two.

- The point is that they're taking up that spot with an evolution into a narwhal horned whale thing.

- I considered making Narwhale part Fairy, but I figured that could be revisited another time with more of a Popplio type performer sea lion thing rather than a narwhal that has to be Water and Ice.

- Maybe some names to think about are to do with tusks, mannatees, maybe Narwail instead of Narwhale, I don't know.

#101. Grimer (Poison) → #102. Slimess (Poison) → #103. Mukrud (Poison / Ground)

- This new form of Muk doesn't have to be part Ground, but since they're always on the ground and picking up dirt and grunge and all, it makes sense to me that by the time they get to the third evo, they're part Ground type.

#104. Shellder (Water / Rock *) → #105. Clamperl (Water / Rock *) → #106. Cloyster (Water / Rock *)

- Icy Coat can turn it into Water / Ice.
- Metal Coat can turn it into Water / Steel.

#107. Gastly (Ghost) → #108. Haunter (Ghost) → #109. Gengar (Ghost / Dark)

- They never should have been Poison. They should be pure Ghost or, better yet, Ghost and Dark, since they're pretty damn evil.

#110. (baby Onix) (Ground / Rock) → #111. Onix (Ground / Rock) → #112. (Onix evo) (Ground / Rock *)

- I can't settle on names. Wyrm would be in there, as that's perfect for an earthworm dragon thing. Pebblix for the baby? Dragrond for ground dragon?

* Metal Coat turns it into Steel / Ground
* Icy Coat turns it into Ice / Ground
* Dragon Scale turns it into Dragon / Ground

#113. Drowzee (Psychic) → #114. Sleepir (Psychic) → #115. Hypno (Psychic)

- The Sleepir name is based on sleep and tapir and "sleepier". I couldn't think of something for baku. Mesmerem was an idea for mesmerize and REM sleep as a third step after Hypno, though, if you want to pick my brain and get rid of Sleepir and switch things around.

#116. Krabby (Water) → #117. Kingler (Water) → #118. Krabrawler (Water / Fighting)

- Yeah, I'm stealing Krabrawler from Sun and Moon, giving it a completely different design (as it wouldn't make sense as an evolution of Kingler) and turning this line into an eventual Fighting type. Big deal. Wanna fight about it?

#119. Phantorb / Poltorbgeist / Balltorbgeist / Balltergeist (Ghost / Steel)

- This is Voltorb. Instead of it being an Electric type that looks like a Pokeball, it's a ghost that possesses different Pokeballs.

- I can't pick a name. You pick.

- Its gimmick is that it can look like ANY of the Pokeballs and it changes its appearance based on the type that you catch it with. It also changes its attributes, so that if you catch it with a Master Ball, it has some crazy good stats, and if you catch it with a Quick Ball, it has higher speed and so forth.

#120. Exeggcute (Grass / Psychic) → #121. Exeggutor (Grass / Psychic) → #122. Exeggution (Grass / Psychic)

- I'm phoning it in with Exeggution, but what other name could we go with? Exeggutive and give it a suit? Exeggcrate for the first form, then Exeggcute and then Exeggutor? I'm scrambled. I mean, I'm not about to suggest the baby form is a bunch of sleepy eggs that haven't fully woken up and hatched yet and could be Eggshausted. We're kind of limited.

- The concept would be similar to what we have, but with either the current Exeggutor being a third evo (and there being a middle step between the eggs and the tree) or a third evo gives Exeggutor hands and maybe even pineapple or coconut biceps.

#123. Cubone (Fighting / Ground) → #124. Marowak (Fighting / Ground) → #125. Kangaskhan (Fighting / Ground)

- Yep. Cubone is totally Kangaskid. It was originally meant to be that way and it just makes sense.

- Since kangaroos are fighters, they absolutely should be Fighting type.

#126. Hitmontyke (Fighting) → #127. Hitmonlee (Fighting)
#126. Hitmontyke (Fighting) → #128. Hitmonchan (Fighting)

- Split evolution with the same attributes and mechanics, basically, although I never quite understood why Lee has higher attack and Chan has higher defense. If anything, I would think it should be that Lee has higher attack and Chan has higher special attack.

- Tyrogue is Hitmontyke to keep the Hitmon prefix. If you don't like that name, replace it with anything else like Hitmonkid.

- There is a Hitmontop in the next generation, but it's not related to these. Instead, it's named Topoeira and it's its own thing.

#129. Lickitung (Normal)

- In Gen 2, we'll introduce a baby version of this named Liltung.
- Lickilicky is a monstrosity, though, in design and in name. A third evo for it would not be that.
- This is somewhat of a counterpart to Snorlax.

#130. Koffing (Poison / Flying) → #131. Weezing (Poison / Flying) → #132. Choaking / Suffokating (Poison / Flying)

- C'mon. This is obvious with the names. I did think about Hakking for hacking as a pre-evo form, too.

- Since I wanted to give the Zubat line Dark instead of Flying, it's perfect that this can be our Poison / Flying combo. They're poisonous flying gas clouds. Duh.

#133. Rhynorn (Rock) → #134. Rhyhorn (Rock) → #135. Rhydon (Rock / *)

- Rhyno with no horn is the first thing.

- Since this is a dinosaur kind of monster, Dragon Scale can turn it into Rock / Dragon.

#136. Togepi (Normal / Fairy) → #137. Togetic (Normal / Fairy) → #138. Chansey (Normal / Fairy)

- Big change, but it makes sense to me. Togepi is the egg, Togetic is a chicken, and Chansey is an egg-shaped chicken with an egg. It's the circle of life.

- That means they're part of a pair with the Kangaskhan line, by the way. Both are "motherly" in a sense with an offspring in a pouch.

- This plays off the "chicken and the egg" concept.

- The names would have to be altered to fit that, but I couldn't think of any yet. You can't just go with Chickegg and say that that's not horrendous.

#139. Tangulb (Grass) → #140. Tangulbush (Grass) → #141. Tangulweed (Grass / Ground)

- Baby Tangela is a bulb. It then is a tangled bush (current Tangela), and then it's a tumbleweed, basically, which looks nothing like Tangrowth as that's hideous.

- It picks up the Ground type because, well, tumbleweeds roll on the ground.

- I thought about Tanguldreads (tangled dreadlocks). I also thought about Tangulwig for twig, and tangled wig of hair.

#142. Horsea (Water) → #143. Seaddle (Water) → #144. Seadra (Water / Dragon)

- Kingdra is ugly looking. Seadra is so much cooler, so that design would be the final. There would be a middle evolution between Horsea and Seadra that looks more like it has a saddle to play up the sea horse gimmick. Then, the saddle would turn into the spikes that Seadra has.

#145. Golppy (Water / Fairy) → #146. Fanseatail (Water / Fairy) → #147. Seaking Renamed (Water / Fairy)

- Let's make Goldeen a line that doesn't have the gender problem of queen/king.

- Golppy is goldfish guppie.
- Fanseatail is fancy sea tail, based on the fantail goldfish.
- I don't know the name for the third, but it would be based on Ryukin or Shubunkin.

#148. Staryu (Water / Psychic) → #149. Starmie (Water / Psychic) → #150. Starwei (Water / Psychic)

- I tried to give it another type instead of Psychic to avoid the ducks, but this is all the more reason why we needed to get rid of Slowpoke, cause the Staryu line is too good to mess with, other than its design.

- Staryu and Starmie would look the same. Starwei would take the 2 starfish from Starmie and go in the next direction where it would have a second gem in the middle, positioned to where it looks like eyes, instead of a cyclops.

#151. Emimime (Normal / Psychic)

- This is Mr. Mime, but since genders make more sense, we're not calling it Mr. The name is like Girafarig in that it's a palindrome for mime backwards.

- Normal, not Fairy, because mimes aren't actually doing anything, so everything is normal.

- It's counterpart is...

#152. Yukiona (Ice / *)

- So this is Jynx, essentially, which is based on the yuki onna, which is a snow woman ghost fairy thing that preys on people.

* I don't know what secondary type to give this. It has to be either Ice / Fairy, Ice / Dark, or Ice / Ghost. I don't think Ice / Psychic works as well. My gut tells me Ice / Dark or Ice / Fairy, but it's up for debate.

 #153. Jynx (Fairy / Dark)

- Wait, what? I thought you just said you did Jynx. Yeah, well, I did, as #152 is the Nordic opera singer ghost thingy that people think is racist. This is different.

- This is a voodoo priest / priestess (depending on the gender variant, obviously). I thought about naming it something based on Baron Samedi but I couldn't think of anything.

- It's Fairy and Dark because it's using evil magic.

#154. Voodoll (Ghost / Psychic)

- A counterpart to Jynx. This is a voodoo doll. Not quite like Banette, as that's a possessed marionette puppet. That concept can still come into a future generation. This is more like the scrapped idea they actually did have with the pin through its heart.

- Instead of the Cubone storyline in Lavendar Tower, you'd be dealing with this little guy.

#155. Seaxor (Bug / Steel) → #156. Scizor (Bug / Steel) → #157. Scyther (Bug / Steel)

- Seax is a term for a knife. I wanted to get this as close to the other names as possible. Originally, I was trying to work with Prune and Praying Mantis for something awful like Pruyntis. Snippor was another, for snipping something instead of cutting. Shearther was another for shearing something.

- I think scissors are less intimidating than a scythe, so let's swap those around and make it have bigger stabby things for the final evo.

- It's not flying because praying mantis don't fly.

#158. Weetle (Bug) → #159. Scarabeat (Bug / Fighting) → #160. Heraclash (Bug / Fighting)

- This is a baby scarab, then Pinsir, then Heracross.

- That Weedle name makes me think weed for grass type, but in this case, it's repurposed as "wee beetle" as in "small beetle", similar to the Machump thing.

- I don't love the middle evo's name, but it's the best I could do with scarab, battle, beetle, beat like how it's a scarab that beats down its opponents in a battle type of beetle. Is it the best name? Nope. But it's better than Seel.

- Heraclash is Heracles for the Hercules beetle, just like Heracross, but instead of a cross, clash is more dominating sounding and works better with Heracles.

#161. Elekid (Electric / Fighting) → #162. Electabuzz (Electric / Fighting) → #163. Electiger (Electric / Fighting)

- Counterpart to the Pinsir thing above.

- Eye of the tiger, baby.

#164. Magby (Fire) → #165. Magmar (Fire) → #166. Magmortar (Fire)

- No differences, although Magby should have the spiky head design it originally had.

#167. Yakkid (Normal) → #168. Halfncalf (Normal) → #169. Miltank (Normal)
#167. Yakkid (Normal) → #170. Bullvine (Normal) → #171. Taurox (Normal)

- Split evolution.

- Yakkid is a baby cow. Alternative name, if you think there are too many "kid" names, would be something based on "veal" because I'm twisted.

- Halfncalf is the female version, based on Half-and-Half. Miltank is the same.
- Bullvine is bull/bovine. Male version becomes Tauros, as expected, but with a slight name change so it's Taurus Ox and Toro.

#172. Magikarp (Water) → #173. Searpent (Water / Dragon) → #174. Gyarados / Skullkraken (Water / Dragon)

- Searpent is a sea serpent.

- The Gyarados name can stick if you're worried about the Skullkraken thing being too harsh, as that's what originally happened, but man, Skullkraken is bad ass sounding.

- Of course this is Water / Dragon, the way it should be!

- However, if there's that item that makes Dodumbo a Flying type, then maybe I'll allow Water / Flying as a variant.

#175. Laampeep (Electric / Fairy) → #176. Baattary (Electric / Fairy) → #177. ACDSheep / Acedesheep (Electric / Fairy)

- This is the Mareep line with new names.

- We need more Electric types and this should be Fairy because lambs and sheep are in lots of fables and that kind of material.

- Laampeep is lamb, lamp, sheep, baa and bo peep. I almost went with Lambpere for lamb and ampere.

- Baattary is baa and battery

- ACDSheep or Acedesheep is ACDC, alternating current / direct current.

#178. Immutton / Clonewe / Dupewe / Forgewe / Shadewe (Ghost) → #179. Duolly (Ghost) → #180. Baansheep (Ghost)

- This is based on Dolly, the cloned sheep.

- You can find this in this game's version of Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar (which isn't a mansion) as that's the location where they tested on cloning Mew.

- We're leaning into this that Laampeep was one of the experiments, along with Ditto, Gastly, whatever else you might want to lump in there. But these three sheep are a direct variation of the Electric and Fairy ones, similar to how Gengar and Clefable are shadows.

- Immutton is immitate mutton. Clonewe, Dupewe, Forgewe and Shadewe are all clone, dupe, forge and shade ewe, which sounds like "clone you" and such, as well as the latter being "shadow" in a way. Better names than my original ideas of Dollamb, Shammary, but I'm not sure which I like better.

- Duolly is Dolly and duo because the sheep now has 2 heads.

- Baansheep is baa, banshee and sheep.

#181. Nessio (Ice / Dragon) → #182. Lokness (Ice / Dragon) → #183. Loknessaur (Ice / Dragon)

- This is Lapras, but that name is stupid. Why is it named after Laplace?

- Nessio is Nessie and plesiosaur.
- Lokness is Loch Ness.
- Loknessaur is Loch Ness plesiosaur.

- This line is kind of a counterpart to Dragonite.

#184. Ditto (Normal)

- No changes. Love this guy.

#185. Eevee (Normal) | #186. Vaporeon (Water) | #187. Jolteon (Electric) | #188. Flareon (Fire) | #189. Leafeon (Grass)

- I really think there needs to be an Eeveelution of every type, including normal (named Eeveeon), but I didn't have enough room to have every type here, so I figured we'd stay with the core elements that are represented in the starters.

It bugs me that I can't have room for a Flying type and a Steel type to round out the whole Air and Metal thing, as Grass is standing in for Wood/Earth (otherwise, I'd also need Ground and Rock cause which one is Earth, right?)

But there should be groupings. The next generation should have Psychic, Fairy, Ghost, Dark and Fighting together. Then, one of them should have Rock, Ground, Steel Ice and Poison, maybe. Last would be I guess knocking out Dragon, Bug, Flying and Normal, but I don't see much of a connection point between those other than "the leftovers" unless you played into dragon fly bugs and left Normal out of the mix for another game.

 #190. Porygon (Normal / *)

- Porygon is a digital thing. It should have the ability to turn into ANY type, with or without Normal, depending on your preference. I'd go for pure in that it replaces the Normal type, but I can be swayed for the dual-type scenario.

- In the next generation, there would be an evolutionary item called Upgrade that would evolve it to Porygon2.0 and then eventually, Porygon3 (stylzed Porygon³)

#191. Scorpsean (Water / Ground)

- This is the best name I could think of for Kabuto/Kabutops. It's only one Pokemon. Kabuto is lame and Kabutops can be cool, but it looks too much like Scyther. This sea scorpion horseshoe crab eurypterid thing would be from the Kabuto Fossil.

- There's only one form of this No Omanyte or Omastar. Save them for another game (and name that Nautylus and make it part Dark, while calling its fossil the Omanyte Fossil).

- Ground and Water instead of Rock and Water because I want some variety and they are from the water's surface.

#192. Aerodactyl (Rock / Flying *)

- This is the new counterpart with the whole "pick a fossil" thing. You don't just get Aerodactyl in both games. You either pick the Ground or Flying fossil, essentially, not two identical Water and Rock ones.

* Dragon Scale allows it to be Rock / Dragon as it was originally Dragon / Flying, but it can't get rid of how its still a fossil.

* Metal Coat maybe for Steel / Flying? Probably not, but it's a thought. The same for Icy Coat and Ice / Flying, but I doubt it.

#193. Snorlax (Normal)

- No changes to this guy.

- Munchlax would come in a future generation, but look different and have a different name. Then, there would be another evo between the baby and Snorlax. Snorlax itself is the end of the line.

#194. Articuno (Ice / Flying) | #195. Zapdos (Electric / Flying) | #196. Moltres (Fire / Flying)

- I really wanted to put Skarmory in here or a Psychic / Flying controller, or a Water / Flying legendary, but there's no room.

- By the way, Moltres would look like a combination of Moltres and Ho-Oh, because there is no need for 2 of them. One of them shouldn't exist. We only need one phoenix.

#197. Dratini (Dragon) | #198. Dragonair (Dragon) → #199. Dragonite (Dragon / Flying)

- Make them all a similar color and you're good.

- I would consider renaming Dragonair to something and giving Dragonite the Dragonair name, though. Maybe something like Dracoslyth cause it slithers like a snake? That sounds too complicated and Dragonite is a cool name, so screw it, let's keep it.

#200. Mewtwo (Psychic or Psychic / Dark)

- Mewtwo has the potential to be super evil, but it's not an inherently evil creature. In fact, that's kind of part of the point. So there would be an optional item that you could give it to revert it to the Psychic / Dark combo, but it would be pure Psychic otherwise.

I could write another whole 250 into the mix just to get the BASIC ones in the mix. Another article for another time, maybe.

That's it for the Pokedex, but we're not done yet!!! Stay tuned for part 3!

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