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Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

This week in geek culture Fanboys Anonymous nerd recap

Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Zatanna Movie in the Works

Of course it is! Again, as I keep saying, DC can't just announce films that are going nowhere. They can't get anything off and running. Stop focusing on what you can announce and then throw in development hell and focus on actually doing that Batman film, the Flash film, and so on.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch

Awesome. I can't wait to see this. That's a good title, but I would have personally gone with Scarlet Witch and Vision, giving her first-billing.

No Superman Game for Rocksteady

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unless you announce Justice League or something equally cool or better but still booooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Captain Marvel Trailer

The Skrulls look bad, but Nick Fury looks AMAZING. I still don't have much plot to go with, but it isn't like I'm not seeing this movie regardless, right? I trust Marvel at this point.

Celebrity Deathmatch Returning

You know, I'm more surprised about it taking this long to happen. I figured someone would've wanted to revive it several years ago. Neat.

Lucifer Season 4 Will Feature Eve

A story about Adam and Eve, with a focus of Eve being in love with Lucifer? Count me in! That sounds great. God I love this show. (Is that sacrilegious to say that last sentence?)

Men in Black International

That is the new title of the Men in Black film coming out, which makes sense to a certain degree, as just calling it "Men" in Black when one of the two main characters is a woman would be confusing to some people and result in complaints and such. The name leaves some to the imagination, but it's not bad.

Black Panther Nominated for Golden Globe

Good. It deserves the nomination, if not the win. I thought it was a fantastic movie. I don't think it should win Best Picture for the Academy Awards, but I honestly don't know what else I'd suggest as an alternative, so for now, yeah, give it the Golden Globe.

The Snap = The Decimation

So "The Decimation" is what they're referring to the Thanos snap fallout in the official MCU canon. However, we all know we're all sticking to The Snap. It's just too....snappy.

Night Gallery Reboot

Any time there is an idea like this, I understand why they're doing it, but I can also see it just flopping. Black Mirror already has this market cornered a bit, but maybe there's room for another anthology series that can use this name and do it justice. I'd be interested in checking it out, for sure.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Yoooo!!! I've been saying for years that they needed to do another one of these Ultimate Alliance games and how it made no sense that they weren't doing console games with the immense success of the MCU. I don't like the art style, though. I hope the roster is absolutely immense and I've even written something extra up about that.

As far as the Avengers Project thing goes...well, they didn't give us much to really talk about.

Avengers: Endgame

So why did they lie about the title? Why spend months saying that wasn't it if it was? That seems weird. Anyway, it looks great, as expected. Like I said above, I trust the MCU.


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