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Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil has premiered on Netflix, and per usual, this post will be documenting my running commentary of thoughts as I watch every episode. I'll be adding notes almost as a stream of consciousness and when everything has concluded, I'll be wrapping everything up with a full season recap and review to see just how good or bad the overall package was and the hits and misses in a Reviewpoint podcast video.

I invite you to follow along and to leave your thoughts in the comments below just the same!

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Marvel's Daredevil (Season 3 - 2018)


STARRING: Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock / Daredevil), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Franklin "Foggy" Nelson), Joanne Whalley (Sister Maggie), Wilson Bethel (Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter / Bullseye), Jay Ali (Rahul "Ray" Nadeem) and Vincent D'Onofrio (Wilson Fisk / Kingpin)


Episode 1 - "Resurrection"

  • Very cool opening imagery.
  • "I can't see!" - uh, hate to break it to you, Matt, but you've been blind for a good number of years now. That shouldn't be a shock anymore.
  • "What happened to you?" / "Life." - LMAO I get it.
  • I was definitely curious what was happening to all of Matt's stuff in his apartment, as the passage of time is hard to tell, but sooner or later, someone would end up buying out his place. You can't just completely disappear for a month and not pay your rent and such.
  • "Job was a pussy."
  • Kingpin is the man. D'Onofrio was such perfect casting.
  • Very glad they're already getting into the idea of Matt getting better. I don't want 6 episodes of rehab. 2 or 3 is good and the progress made in this episode SHOULD go a long way in cutting that down.
  • Digging the remixes of the main theme I've been hearing so far.
  • So...why didn't my subtitles pop up for that Hindi conversation? Why did I need to turn on the full English subtitles? Glitch, or a choice?
  • You're gonna fuck up, Ray. But I understand. Money is the worst. I hate shit like his situation, where the circumstances to get you out of a hole are cut off to you because of the hole. Make money to be able to afford not having money. Awful. Life is horrible, like Matt said.

Episode 2 - "Please"

  • All things considered, Matt didn't come out of that scuffle all that bad.
  • Oh damn, smart move giving up legitimate information, Fisk. I was thinking this would be a scenario where Ray would agree to set someone else up to take the blame for himself and/or Vanessa.
  • Brush off that stab wound, big guy.
  • Don't be a bitch, Hattley.
  • Ew, I could totally see Heiresses of Manhattan being a show with all these "Real Housewives of Blah Blah" programs on the air.
  • So does Matt perpetually only adjust his beard to a 5 o'clock shadow?
  • "Not in braille." - LMAO what a dickhead. I really enjoyed this scene of Matt scoping out the laundromat.
  • "Thank God for you." / "He didn't help you. I did." - nice. 
  • Fisk. What a romantic.
  • I sympathize with Ray enough that I really hope he doesn't die in this scene (or at all, unless he becomes a total scumbag).
  • This set of kills impresses me more with Bullseye than the entirety of the stupid tricks and such in the Daredevil film tried to pull off. Although, I do still hope he kills people with toothpicks and such.

Episode 3 - "No Good Deed"

  • I hope Bullseye goes by the name Lester at some point just for the sake of that reference.
  • I still maintain my opinion that Ben Urich shouldn't have been killed and every role Ellison has could have been fulfilled by Ben. For instance, Karen could have been set up to date Phil Urich.
  • Fisk really loves those blank white walls.
  • Making Bullseye a cop is an interesting choice. I like it.
  • There's a toothpick. Here's hoping Bullseye uses it. Chekov's toothpick haha.
  • Okay, maybe Tammy isn't too bad, fundamentally.
  • I could go for a bento box.
  • The thing I don't quite get about having Bullseye as a good cop, though, is that they teased him being an assassin twice before, so unless he's on the take or corrupt in some way, it doesn't make much sense continuity-wise.
  • I definitely enjoy when Matt goes into Batman mode as a stealth operative and such. All the more reason why we need him to have his black suit by the end of this season, as much as I do love the red one. Just don't go with the yellow or stay with the sweatpants for the whole thing. 
  • If I were Foggy, I'd just tell Karen. Fuck you, Matt. You don't get to show up like that and dictate terms for everything.

Episode 4 - "Blindsided"

  • Once upon a time, Marci was a stuck up bitch. Now, she's supportive and genuinely trying to help out from all angles. Awesome. I'm a fan.
  • I don't remember this inmate guy. Should I? Downside to these shows not being once a year. It's harder to keep track of each minor element.
  • I really don't want anything to happen to Ray and his family, which almost makes me want them to bite the bullet because it'll be effective as hell.
  • Oh hey, the subtitles worked this time.
  • Hallways are the stars of Marvel Netflix.
  • Goddamn that repeated stabbing to the guard's neck.
  • The taxi waited for him through all this! Hahahaha
  • I can see why Bethel was looked at for Captain America. He has the face for it and carries himself with a certain integrity.
  • "Lemme get yo names." - gross
  • Another smart move, making Murdock seem like a criminal.

Episode 5 - "The Perfect Game"

  • So meticulous.
  • Dex, don't be a creep.
  • Poor Coach.
  • "I want to kill you for leaving me." - the writing is pretty damn good this season
  • I could use some if those sandwiches. I'll vote for Foggy.
  • Well, ya fucked up, Dex.
  • It's been a while since Sister Maggie factored in.

Episode 6 - "The Devil You Know"

  • Matt still had a backup pair of clothes on hand not in the apartment?
  • No way Evans comes out of this alive, right?
  • They sure mention Ben Urich enough on this show that felt the need to kill him in the first season.
  • Bullseyedevil is awesome. I love the use of random office supplies as weapons.
  • Taking a break on a high note. Really liking this season so far, but I'm exhausted. More to come.

Episode 7 - "Aftermath"

  • I totally thought that guy was going to shine Fisk's shoe instead of check the ankle bracelet.
  • See, a lot of time is being wasted with Fisk just looking and walking. It isn't really building any tension or going anywhere. It's just eating up time. This could have been cut down/out.
  • All this media coverage and yet, Daredevil and Luke Cage still aren't part of the Sokovia Accords. I hate how there is such a disconnect with the Netflix shows. At least Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to fit in (even if they fail at times).
  • Why do I get this feeling that Sister Maggie isn't going to be revealed as Matt's mom, for some reason?
  • Good dialogue exchange with the Santa Claus back and forth.
  • They haven't stated yet if Ellison is dead, so I'm assuming he isn't, but I don't remember any shots of him getting up and being okay or something.
  • Goddamn, those cell phones going off asking if people are okay. That's heartbreaking. Little details like that have been done so well this season.
  • Melvin! What a nice guy. Still waiting on Stilt Man being a throwaway villain in a Spider-Man movie or something.
  • Okay, Ellison is still alive. I don't blame him for wanting to know who Daredevil is, and at this point, I'm pretty sure he's trustworthy enough to know the name, too.
  • How does Melvin's new shop look just as beaten down and rough as his old one? Some definition of "new".
  • Oh shit, Melvin just buckle-bombed Matt!
  • Still hoping this works out with Matt getting a black suit from Melvin, which also is a redemption for Melvin.
  • You are wearing that dress, Marci. Thumbs up.
  • Nice thinking on the spot with the spilled beer and glass alibi. Props, Ray.

Episode 8 - "Upstairs/Downstairs"

  • Fuck yeah, more Bullseye. This season's been great.
  • I have to imagine Bullseye is the best at vacuuming, being able to pick things up from all sorts of angles.
  • "How are you not at the bottom of a bottle right now?" - because not all of us are addicts, Karen. Get your shit together.
  • Oh wow, Julie just cut ties. I thought they were going somewhere with the whole scapegoat joke and such.
  • Maggia. Nice. (Sister Maggia lol)
  • Get that shit stitched up and checked out, Ray. Don't be stupid.
  • "Our son is too much like, you, Jack." - good, she's still his mom

Episode 9 - "Revelations"

  • Young Maggie looks like she could be the young Joanne Whalley. Young Jack Murdock, though, doesn't really look "young" to me to begin with. For that matter, the young Lantom doesn't look all that much younger for 35 years passing by. Poor job on the two guys.
  • Oh fuck, of course Tammy was corrupt. Damn it. I knew she wasn't worth trusting.
  • Last time Matt was in this boxing ring, he fucked Elektra. Somehow, I doubt this time will be as fun.
  • For fuck's sake, Ray, are you gonna get that bullet hole checked out or what?
  • Kingpin is such a good nickname to have.
  • Oh shit, Fisk is a genius. A full year? Losing the insurance coverage and setting Ray up? Give the guy props, he deserves to be the kingpin of crime with all this work and due diligence.
  • It's hard not to see the point of view that it would be a lot easier if Matt killed Fisk. It wouldn't solve all crime, but it would sure put a dent in it.
  • As much as I like Bullseye-devil, I do want to see proper Bullseye in black at some point.

Episode 10 - "Karen"

  • Drugs are bad. Mmmkay?
  • I really hate station wagons. Such an ugly car.
  • Why do those flattened penny things exist? I mean, I had one or two when I was a kid, but why are they like a regular thing? Who decided to make those so widespread?
  • Those eggs look so fake. Not Batman v Superman fake, but still.
  • Some good boyfriend, backhanding your girl. Piece of shit.
  • You're fucked now, Karen.
  • Damn it, Lantom. Why'd you have to be a hero?

Episode 11 - "Reunion"

  • Almost never fails that episode #11 ends up being a lot of spinning wheels.
  • This woman looks damn good for her age if she was a toddler during World War II.
  • I'm losing hope that I'll get a black-suited Daredevil and a proper Bullseye this season, sadly.
  • I just realized we haven't seen Turk yet.
  • Yaaaaay we got another "Fisk fucks someone's head up in a car" moment. Brutal.

Episode 12 - "One Last Shot"

  • Vanessa's cold shoulder stings.
  • Omelette attempt #2
  • Dex killed the old woman, didn't he? Yup.
  • Don't fuck up, Ray. Don't fuck up. You're gonna fuck up...
  • Not making good on that promise of the pool, Ray. 
  • Starting to think he's going to kill himself, instead of my original idea, which was to try to kill Fisk and fail in a suicide attempt of sorts.
  • RIP Ray.

Episode 13 - "A New Napkin"

  • What if Foggy just accidentally hit the delete button on that video?
  • Full-on crazy with the frozen dead body, Dex.
  • That shit is just bouncing off Fisk??
  • Vanessa's just standing there, a target who isn't helping.
  • Well there goes the painting's aesthetic.
  • Bullseye is paralyzed? Not sure how they'll get around that for the future.
  • Again, disappointed no black costume and no true Bullseye.
  • Hattley doesn't deserve to have flipped.
  • "Way more stable than Jessica Jones." - at least you mentioned some continuity there
  • Oh okay, Bullseye's gonna be fine. That makes me happy.


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