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Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

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Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Lupita Nyong'o = New Charlie's Angels

Did we really need another reboot? These three don't strike me as the type of women for this role. Stewart is too deadpan (and not "hot" enough in my mind, but, then again, I wouldn't say Lucy Liu or Drew Barrymore were hot either) and Lupita strikes me as too good for this. Naomi Scott, sure. Go for it. Also, aren't their ages all over the place? Also, Elizabeth Banks is Bosley? I'm not getting a good vibe, but if the trailers look decent, maybe I'll see it. Cut to a future edition of 6 Flicks Picks where I end up putting it down on the list.

Jim Carrey Cast as Dr. Robotnik / Eggman

First off, what the fuck? That's a surprise. He's energetic enough, sure, but he looks nothing like the character. I hope they figure that out in a good way. Second, I still don't know if this movie can even be made without being laughable. Third, go with Robotnik, not Eggman! Eggman should be the nickname Sonic gives him to make fun of his fat shape.

Avengers: End Game

Rumored to be the title for Avengers 4. If so, it's not the most dynamic or interesting title, but I don't dislike it, either. I'd like something with more umph to it, or something that alludes to a particularly interesting storyline. Definitely better than some other pitches I've heard from fans online.

Batman and Catwoman Aren't Getting Married

The world is in such shock. This is what I don't like about comics. Not only is it so hard to keep track of all of the issues and storylines and continuity, but it seems like it's an industry built entirely on "coming up next...just kidding, but wait....just kidding...but hold on!" and I hate that kind of stuff. Of course Bruce and Selina didn't get married. The whole purpose of that storyline wasn't to tell that story, it was to get people to talk and buy a few issues and then retain the status quo. Lame. Get hitched already.

Ross Marquand Wants to be Moon Knight

And I want a billion dollars. These stories come out all the time and it never materializes. It's just actors saying they want to take on a role, and of course they want to, but that doesn't mean there's been any kind of discussion about that actually happening. For all we know, Moon Knight isn't coming to the MCU for 10 years.

Lewis Tan Possibly Considered for Nightwing

I don't really know anything about the actor, so I don't know if he's right for the part. For those having a discussion on changing the ethnicity of the character, I happen to think that if you're going to alter the looks of any of the Robins, I happen to think Dick Grayson and Tim Drake could potentially be Asian, while Jason Todd could potentially have a buzz cut or be a redhead who dyes his hair or something like that. I still prefer Dick Grayson to look like the version we're going to see on Titans, though, but we'll see what happens, if this movie ever even ends up being made, which I doubt will be the case. I still think it would make more sense to do a Red Hood film where Deathstroke works alongside Jason to fight Batman and Nightwing, and you can introduce Oracle as well and spin her off into Birds of Prey / Gotham City Sirens, while giving Nightwing a Titans or Young Justice movie.

Delmar Will Return in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Who the fuck is Delmar? Oh, it's the deli owner? Okay. Sure. Let's have another quick joke of Peter getting a sandwich there. I'm down for it.

Christopher McQuarrie No Longer Wants to Make a Star Wars Film

This is because of the fan response to Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. Well, I see where McQuarrie is coming from, but I also have to counter with one thing: don't make a movie that actively tries to shit on what comes before it and knowingly changes one of the most beloved series in pop culture history, and you won't get that kind of a response. If you have that kind of agenda to make a divisive film, you should expect a portion of the fan base to not like you for doing that. Ask Joel Schumacher how that worked with Batman.

Child's Play Reboot Coming Soon

Never been a fan.

People Bitch About Scarlett Johansson Being Cast as Dante "Tex" Gill

Bob Dylan was played by a woman and nobody seemed to bitch about that. Our Superman and past two Spider-Man actors are British, not American. Should we have made sure Peter Parker was cast only from options of people from New York, and specifically Queens, because we all know Queens isn't Brooklyn? Meanwhile, net neutrality is a real issue that will have much bigger effects on a much bigger group of people, but by all means, Rub & Tug is the hill to die on.

Dark Phoenix Not Listed on 20th Century Fox Website

While I'm somewhat interested in what the movie has to offer, I think it can't possibly be worth the potential negatives. Seeing the Dark Phoenix storyline again, with actors who are younger and haven't connected as well, while also potentially screwing up the whole Skrull thing, or just oversaturating this X-Men universe, which is all over the place weird at the moment with stuff like New Mutants and television shows that have no continuity and whatnot...meh...I'm okay with it potentially not being released, if that's the situation. I doubt it, though. It's probably just a glitch or something.

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