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IMAGE: Chrononauts #1 by Mark Miller and Sean Murphy

Posted by Sean Hamilton Wednesday, March 25, 2015
IMAGE comics Chrononauts
Chrononauts #1 cover
by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth
Time travel: It's not rocket science, so what could go wrong?
Especially on live global television…

This is the sort of daring and intriguing plug that introduces readers to the latest collaboration from co-creators Mark Millar and Sean Murphy, Chrononauts.

The first issue in this series stakes a quick claim as to its intent and direction. This is a slightly mature book, the content leaning toward an older audience, but it is constructed thoughtfully. There isn't a lot of back story yet, the setup taking much of the room in this issue, though this will undoubtedly come down the track to help drive the characters and story further. We have been given a glimpse into the main characters of Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly from Millar and Murphy, just enough to whet our appetites and bring us back for the next issue. This approach works; I want to find out what happens next, I can feel the hooks sinking in.

I get the sense that because it's a Millarworld publication, the hype surrounding it means that this is instantly a straight-to-movie comic. The editorial comments at the back of this issue certainly help make their intentions clear. But that is the type of comic this is; bold, in your face, and unapologetic in stance. The central story is not held back and stands unhampered; except for the arrogance of the story stating "here I am, enjoy me," this is a reading experience that is going places.

Lost artifacts in time for Chrononauts
Indiana Jones meets time travel in Chrononauts
Millar is a master of his craft, spinning a good story like it's all of his business (which it is, by the way). There is a very good sense of pacing here, the story moves forward audaciously and enthralls us with momentum. The effect is that we are instantly curious about what is coming next, even in spite of a momentary reality check. Sit back and think about it: We know what's going to happen, don't we? At least a little? The premise of the book is time travel gone wrong, thus that plot must be pulled off in this issue. Yet the creators work their magic so well that by the time the reader steps back and begs the question, the cover has been closed and the story read.

Indiana Jones meets time travel in Chrononauts
Matt Hollingsworth beautiful colors
The art is gritty and has an adventurous quality about it. Murphy is on par with Millar in his storytelling abilities and pace but brings other qualities to the creative collaboration. The panel arrangement and choice of shots are appropriate; the reader never questions what is happening at a given point in the comic. Murphy's sharp line style is declarative of an artist who is striving to match the mature content of the script. This approach allows for a natural reading experience, and the subject matter is modern and targeted to a specific audience.

The superb storytelling in Chrononauts is enhanced further by the inking and colors. The nature and feel of the art is offset by Matt Hollingsworth's colors, which bring an appropriate sense of time for this epic. It is great to feel the familiar confidence that comes from Hollingsworth's work; he achieves what a good colorist should and brings emotional relevance to the page or panel. This is done in a manner that cries out for attention in all the right ways.

Mark Millar and Sean Murphy hit Chrononauts for #1
This is a journey of epic proportions
The final artist on board is veteran letterer Chris Eliopoulos, whose work, while never underrated, is supremely important in bringing the final package together. Paradoxically, like that of all good letterers, his work could slip by so silently and unacknowledged because it such a natural and seamless part of the final creative output.

Chrononauts is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is a nice, fresh take on a familiar story topic. It is good to come away feeling as though you want to see what happens in the next issue. I hold out hope for more twists and turns as we progress in the story, but only time will tell.

With this being such a good start to the series, if you haven't already it is worth picking up now. Once you do make sure you come right back here and and tell us what you thought of the book by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter and head on back for the next issue of Chrononauts.

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