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2015 Internet Goddess Award Tournament - Round 1 Bracket I

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, March 25, 2015
The Internet certainly has its set of stars that are world renowned. Of those stars, we've seen a rise of talented, witty, and beautiful women who have taken the Internet by storm. Join me, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace over the course of the next few weeks as we crown the 2015 Internet Goddess.
Women of the Web Nude

From March 25th until the April 3rd, brackets I–P of the tournament will be open for voting. In this round, we have two returning competitors, with Ciji Thorton squaring off with Jessica Nigri. Check out their spotlighted profiles below and vote. Voting for this and the other brackets on the left side of the board ends on April 3rd, 2015!

Ciji Thorton
[Vlogger, Video Game Enthusiast]
video gamer StarSlay3r pics

Better known as StarSlay3r, Ciji busted onto our computer monitors in 2006 when she grabbed the attention of MTV for being one of the Top 10 Guitar Hero Players in the CPL Tournament held in Dallas, TX. She has been a recognized gamer for the past 6 years after dominating several Guitar Hero and Rockband competitions. She has also appeared on FOX and MSNBC and been featured on many Internet websites such as IGN. Thornton continues to post videos to YouTube as well as participate in many fundraising campaigns, which is why she's back in the Fanboys Anonymous's 2015 Internet Goddess Tournament!

Jessica Nigri
[Cosplayer, Vlogger]

Jessica Nigri Nude Hot Cosplay
If you are an avid follower of cosplay—hell, even if you know nothing about cosplay—you would know Jessica Nigri. She's that really attractive girl who shows up on your Facebook once or twice a day. At the young age of 24, she has taken the Internet and convention worlds by storm by dressing as the hottest, nerdiest girl possible. Think of one of your favorite female characters from a video game or comic book series, chances are Jessica Nigri has graced a convention as said character. Without a shadow of a doubt Jessica Nigri has earned a spot on the 2015 Internet Goddess Tournament.

Who should move on to the next round?
Don't forget to tweet @ your favorite and spread the word on her message boards, forums, fan pages and so forth to show your support and rally the troops!

Check back to find out the results of this poll as well as the other matches that we have coming your way.
Also, don't forget to come back to find out what else Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at (and no, not just porn) along with the other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. Until next time, for the few, the proud, and of course the Dacetacular, grab a beer—and in this case, an Internet browser—and return to the Dace-Sphere soon. See ya next time, keyboard warriors!
Who is the hottest internet woman for 2015? Favorite girl on the net?

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