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Win a Voltron T-Shirt Prize Pack Giveaway Contest

Posted by Fanboys Anonymous Sunday, September 7, 2014
Fanboys Anonymous is partnering up with TV Store Online for a special giveaway in honor of the 30th anniversary for the classic animated series Voltron.

win a free Voltron t-shirt 30th anniversary contestAlthough Voltron only ran from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985, it has ingrained itself in pop culture history and become one of the most recognizable icons of '80s cartoons. Adapted from the Japanese series Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, the Voltron franchise has spawned everything from follow-up series to comic books, toy lines, and may even be receiving a live-action film adaptation soon.

To commemorate this occasion, TV Store Online and Fanboys Anonymous will be holding a contest where the winner will receive a free prize pack of 2 Voltron t-shirts!

Voltron costume t-shirt free Voltron tees 80s cartoons
Voltron Insert Head Adult Black Costume T-Shirt Voltron Defender of the Universe Adult Charcoal T-Shirt


Participants can earn the equivalent of one raffle ticket for each of the following tasks they complete.
There are no limits on how many points you can earn:
1) Like the Fanboys Anonymous Facebook page [ ]

2) Follow Fanboys Anonymous on Twitter @FanboysAnon (and our former account which is now a backup @FanboyAnonymous)

3) Subscribe to the Fanboys Anonymous YouTube channel [ ]

4) Follow the Fanboys Anonymous Tumblr account [ ]

5) Share an account from above or on social media [20 total points]

6) Earn 1 point for each website post that you share on social media [indefinite amount of points]

The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win! The winner will be chosen in a random draw and contacted through their social media account next week.

DISCLAIMER: The prize(s) that may be awarded to the eligible winner are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize. If the winner has not redeemed his or her prize in 7 days, a new winner will be chosen. No points will be awarded to contestants who unsubscribe and resubscribe to an account. Only one point is awarded per account subscription. No members of the Fanboys Anonymous team are eligible to win.

Thank you for supporting Fanboys Anonymous and TV Store Online!

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