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Upcoming Supergirl TV Series In Development

Posted by Unknown Sunday, September 7, 2014
In the latest move by DC comics, and hot on the heels of Arrow's success, comes news of a TV series based on Supergirl.This is almost becoming a glut for DC on TV. They have Arrow about to start its 3rd season, The Flash coming into being, and the announcement about Gotham getting bought up by Netflix, plus Constantine forthcoming. I'm fine with all this. The more the merrier.

Greg Berlanti, the same producer and co-creator for Arrow and The Flash, is looking to take another DC character and transition onto the television screen. Warner Bros. TV arm will help produce the show so I guess this means it is a go. Not too many people know the character well, and this might be a tough sell at first, but I like the idea of getting something like this to the screen. They did a pilot with Wonder Woman but it failed to go forward.

sexiest superheroes Supergirl costume drawing
Supergirl, often portrayed as Superman's cousin, has morphed and changed over the years as comic book characters often do. It's unknown at this time which version of her they will focus on, as all of this is in the early stages. They haven't come up with a basic premise yet, but once they clear some copyright issues they will start pitching the idea to major studios to film.

There is a push to get more female comic book characters on the big and small screens, and I'm all for it. I mean, not to be a weirdo, but look at her. Yowza. I married my wife partly because she's built like this, a real-life comic book girl. Laura Vandervoort played the character on Smallville, but I'm sure they will look to go with someone else to distinguish between that show and this new one. Rock on, DC, you get my vote.

We'll see how this whole thing works out. I liked the trailer I saw for Constantine a while back. Anything gothic and horror inspired is great to me. If Supergirl works out, it will be the 4th DC show on the air, competing well with Marvel's TV lineup so far.

Are there any fans of Supergirl out there? Will DC do the character justice? Is there even enough in the mythos worth seeing? Sound off below.

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