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Star Wars: Episode VII - Han Solo Returns!

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 15, 2014
Good news, Star Wars nerds! Harrison Ford is up on his feet already, and shooting is set to resume later this month for Star Wars: Episode VII. After a pretty short bout of rehab, Ford has gotten back into action much quicker than was originally thought. Some rumors stated the veteran actor's injury would sideline him for months and delay Episode VII by as much as 6 months.

harrison ford returns as han solo on set of star wars episode VII
Ford's too old for this stuff, right? Bollocks, I say. You can't keep Indiana Jones down. Or Han Solo. Much has been made of his age over the last several years and you can hate on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull all you want, but Ford looks amazing in the film. He's got some arms on him that could crush men half his age. Yeah, I'll defend him until I die (or he does, which I hope is never).

At the premiere of The Expendables 3 he was seen walking the red carpet with no sign of injury whatsoever, so take that, haters. A broken leg on the set of Star Wars? Pffft. That ain't nothing, folks. Hanging with the best action stars of the '80s and '90s in the latest Expendables film? Bring it on, fellas, Harry can take it. Ford still has plenty of step left in his legs, so why not enjoy him for the next few years while we can? He looks fit and strong; in fact, amazing for a 72 year old. Make no mistake, Han Solo can still kick your ass.

What do people think? Does Ford's Solo have some more great stuff to contribute to the Star Wars universe? Will filming commence without further issues? Sound off below.

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