DC and Marvel See the Possibility of a Merger - Even if They Don't Want To | Fanboys Anonymous
It seems insane to even consider, but there is a small possibility that comic giants DC and Marvel could merge together to form…MegaGiantColossal Comics? That's what I would call it, anyway. Seems to fit the idea of these two titans forming a single company, or at least operating under the same banner. Keep in mind this is merely speculation on the part of the Hollywood Reporter, but it could happen.

marvel and dc comics go head to head batman v superman v spiderman

What this means for the world of comics is unclear. What we do know now is that after withdrawal of an $80 billion dollar bid from Rupert Murdoch to buy Time Warner (same Time Warner that owns DC comics properties, also known as Warner Bros.), Disney may be one of the suitors in line to snatch up the cable company when all is said and done. That's right, the same Disney that owns Marvel could own DC. Wow.

This move could give Disney the potential to have more control in cable markets, which they now lack, so that sweetens the pot even more for them. They also have a great deal of cash floating around, I mean, it's Disney after all, so this mega-corporate giant could be doing whatever they want. This doesn't mean they will combine the two properties, but how cool would it be if they did? I think it would be awesome to see a mash-up down the road between these two universes; they did it in the comics.

Marvel and DC are already expanding their universes with crossover franchises using the Avengers and Justice League, so why not go all the way? I'm still waiting for the day Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and X-Men go back to where they belong at Marvel, so this could help rush that along. With Marvel, they look to be building to The Infinity Gauntlet storyline where there was a galaxy-shattering epic crossover battle between many factions in their comics, so this DC/Marvel mash-up wouldn't be too far off the rails.

What do people think? Is it too much; should Disney (if they even get control) keep the two comic giant separate forever? Sound off below.

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