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SDCC '14: IDW Announces Garbage Pail Kids Comic Book

Posted by Unknown Friday, July 25, 2014
Comic-Con Ron Garbage Pail Kids imagesWho remembers the Garbage Pail Kids? They were the little trading cards that featured clever rhymes and cabbage patch-looking kids such as Bony Joanie or Christina Ugliera. Comic-Con International announced IDW Publishing's newest venture, a Garbage Pail Kids comic book series.

"As a child of the Eighties, I was at ground zero for the Garbage Pail Kids phenomenon,” series editor Denton J. Tipton said. “The profoundly irreverent stickers spoke directly to the rascal inside each and every one of my classmates, and helped us drive our teachers to the brink of insanity. I couldn't be more happy to be working with some of the giants of alternative comics to push the buttons of an entirely new generation of educators, many of which likely remember when the poo-covered sneaker was on the other foot."

pics of Garbage Pail Kids charactersThe anthology-type release will feature various writers from across the industry. As part of the announcement, they have released an exclusive character named Comic-Con Ron, which was created by cartoonist Peter Bagge. SDCC '14 will also be featuring exclusive comic-themed apparel and trading cards.

I don't know about you, but these cards always gave me hours of giggle-fits that would brighten my day. I have a huge stack that my husband saved (hoarded) from his childhood and even my son has taken to the retro craze.

The series is set to launch in 2015, so there is still time to convince them to name a character after me. I'm sick of Bubbly Brianna.

Do you remember which Garbage Pail Kid had your name? Who was your favorite kid? Leave us a comment and keep checking back for the latest Comic-Con news.

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