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Review: ODM Vampire/Zombie/Werewolf Comic by Second Sight Studios

Posted by Anonymous Friday, July 25, 2014
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Hey comic heads. I'm thrilled to bring you my next big comic review from Second Sight Studios, because it's not every day that a title as unique as this dark action art book comes along. This one is for my vampire and zombie enthusiast readers. Whichever you are, I can tell this series will blow us away.

From the get go, it begins with an eerie awakening: a fireman. One of America's heroes finds himself in a hot and uncomfortable place. What is it? He unzips himself from the body bag and stumbles through the halls of the morgue. None of these facts really alarm him, or even flag his attention, because he has been through something that is making his mind hazy. There's only one thing on his mind... Food.

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The fireman, still hardly aware of his surroundings, stumbles into the street in search of his bank. Just a little withdrawal and he'll be maxing on some fries in no time, perhaps a meat of some kind, brain or buttock maybe. Who knows? Stumbling into the bank, he walks into a hold-up. What happens if you place one of America's great heroes in a room with gun-toters? Blood happens.

I realized I was enjoying myself before I really got that deep into the comic. I mean, it's not everyday that a comic begins with a guy waking up in a body bag. The art in this comic is on point. It was odd because it seemed anatomically correct, but still different from most comics that shoot for realism. The darkness adds an appeal that I can't explain and the introduction to the characters, though short lived, was awesome. This comic is so different from most comics in the genre that I felt like I was reading something entirely new, which is a treat when you've read as much material as I have. Definitely worth picking up. In fact, I'm literally waiting for the next comic in this series. Tell me what you think downstairs. Mixed Drinks

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