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Week in Geek: June 25th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


The Batman Comes to Theaters in 2019.

My take: Ben Affleck will be starring in, and possibly directing, this sequel to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'll be more interested after seeing what DC's long-term plans are. Is Arrow part of their continuity, and thus The Flash? I need to know what I'm investing my passion in here, because right now DC/WB seem to be a mess.

Star Wars: Episode VII vs. Jedi Hunters?

My take: It looks like the new Star Wars movie will be delving into old territory. It's possible "Order 66" is back in action, as the team might be fighting Jedi hunters of some kind. I actually don't care what the plot is. The original movies plots can be summed up in one sentence, but the actual movies are exciting and engaging as hell. So, J.J., make that happen again.

Shane Black's Predator to be a Sequel, not Reboot.

My take: Good, there's no need for a redesign of one of the most iconic villains in movie history. The franchise may not be strong, but fans are very forgiving for a series with little to work with aside from a well-designed movie monster.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Full Trailer.

We got a teaser image, now a full Shredder in action in a new TMNT trailer. The suit is completely ridiculous with its launchable blades that literally return to their point of origin to be launched again. What?? Yes. Also, do they seriously kill Master Splinter? Also, I'm not big on the voice acting of the turtles. I'm scared that Megan Fox is looking to be the best part of this movie right now.


Gotham Villains Taking the Spotlight.

My take: Between The Riddler, Catwoman, Pengiun, and Poison Ivy, is this show more about the super villain than the cop named Gordon? It also seems remove the age-old question of whether Batman exists out of a need or the villains exist because of Batman.


Death of Wolverine Alternate Covers Overkill.

My take: Marvel is really milking A) a book that nobody asked for and B) a concept nobody buys into. This story seems like a lose-lose for Marvel and fans alike. The open marketing of the story (see: the spoiler right there in the title) and the promise that it will "stick" for some time have fans divided. Is this story even necessary?

Afterlife with Archie Finally Read…By Me.

My take: I know this is a little behind, but I was holding out on purchasing 3rd and 4th prints of the single issues for the TPB. I'm finally caught up on one of the biggest books of the year. It's a slow-paced story but flows along at a creepy pace. There are piles of nods to the original books, and it's nice knowing these already established characters. It allows no need for an explanation of relationships and motives. Definitely worth picking up if you heart can take the tragedy that befalls Riverdale.

X-Books Cancelled?

My take: No. This week, some stupid rumor got started on the forum website Comic Book Resources (the page has since been deleted) that stated the books were being axed. Somehow the story grew and, due to the attention The Fantastic Four has been getting, everyone got up in arms about it. The bottom line is that neither the X-books or the F-books are going anywhere.


George Lucas Opening Museum in 2018.

My take: The announcement was made with zero mention of Star Wars or Indiana Jones memorabilia. Not to gloss over the important works that will likely end up being displayed, but he knows his name is synonymous with Star Wars, right?

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