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Review: The Sara Chronicles Book: Evolution of Us

Posted by Anonymous Friday, June 27, 2014
Readers and fantasy lovers: This is a great book! Since reading the first volume of The Sara Chronicles, I've noticed a definite—though not drastic—increase in creativity on Laura Hughes' part. Book one followed our heroine through unspeakable dangers, a difficult life, and ugly obstacles, and then left her with the ability to control nature's furious weather patterns. She finds her way and becomes better for it in the end with the tutelage of her powerful mentor.
Author Laura Hughes Free Book Preview

Sara learns control and she learns to fight, but what happens when the enemy becomes yourself? Book two, Evolution of Us, begins something like this: Sara and friends have become powerful—perhaps too powerful. All the children are boiling pots of magical fury, and all are still dealing with hard pasts. Each and every one is afflicted by painful memories of abuse, abandonment, or loss. Like Professor X (X-Men) says, "The question, Jean Grey, is, are you gong to control the power, or allow it control you?" The children do the latter. They must each learn to defeat the enemy inside in order to overcome the evil tactics of their dark enemy, the soulless Garren.

This series is unique. It's centered around a religion whose God, Iam, a name I assume will mean more later, controls which vessels may recieve souls—a luxury most Garren are not afforded. From its Final Fantasy-like summoning to X-Men style powers, to especially creative lands, Laura Hughes' Evolution of Us was a terrific read. Once again, I felt it was a bit rushed, but all in all, I enjoyed it. A definite nearly 4-star read. Check it out and let me know what you think downstairs!


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