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Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Part 2

Posted by The Dace Man Thursday, June 5, 2014
Lionsgate to include the Green Ranger with Power Rangers Reboot
Hey, hey, hey Dacetacular Nation! The Dace Man is back with part two of Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers here on Fanboys Anonymous. In our last installment we wrapped up Chris Dace's masterpiece that was The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger movie! We left you with a teaser of what most Power Ranger fans yearn for: Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger. See, there is a method to my madness by only having the original five Rangers take on the evil Rita Repulsa and Goldar. So let's dive into the next installment of the MMPR franchise directed by yours truly.

In the second installment, the story revolves around the rise and fall of Tommy Oliver. Tommy arrives in Angel Grove as a new student and somewhat of an outcast. The five Rangers befriend him and try to include him in their group because he is slightly bullied by the likes of Bulk and Skull. Rita sees this as a chance to play into Tommy's anger and convert him to her needs. One day, when Tommy is walking home from school, Goldar kidnaps him. The Rangers, concerned by his disappearance, travel to the command center to speak with Zordon about his disappearance.

While at the command center, Goldar arrives in Angel Grove with a squad of Putties and Scorpina and begins attacking the city. This triggers the Rangers to return to Angel Grove to battle the evil forces. During this battle we see a Green Ranger training at Rita Repulsa's space station, preparing for battle. Rita informs the Ranger that his training is complete and it is time for him to take down Zordon.

Tommy teleports to the command center, disables Alpha 5, and jams Zordon's communications. He finds access to the Zords within the command center and deactivates them, rendering them useless. He then teleports away, and Goldar and his forces retreat to Rita's base. The Rangers return to the command center to find it has been shut down. Billy immediately begins to repair Alpha and try to reboot the systems. At the same time the Green Ranger sends a message to the Power Rangers by summoning his DragonZord to attack Angel Grove. This springs Jason, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini into action. Billy remains behind to repair the command center and get the Zords back in action to combat the DragonZord.

Will the DragonZord and Green Ranger be in the new Power Rangers Movie?The Rangers arrive and confront Goldar and the Green Ranger. A battle ensues, and Trini, Kimberly, and Zack battle with Goldar as Jason and the Green Ranger battle to the side. Eventually the Green Ranger grabs Jason and teleports to a dungeon within Rita's base. The two continue to battle there until Jason knocks down the Green Ranger and his helmet comes off, revealing Tommy. Jason breaks the hold on Tommy by taking the green candle, and the two teleport back to the battle with Goldar.

Rita, frustrated with Tommy's revival, enlarges Goldar and a few monsters to terrorize Angel Grove. Tommy, with the only Zord left, commands the DragonZord to battle Goldar and the monsters. Eventually Billy arrives with the restored Zords for the remaining Rangers. They battle and eventually defeat Goldar and his squad. The Rangers then celebrate as they reunite with Tommy. During the celebration, Goldar appears and stabs Tommy with his sword and teleports with him away from the Rangers. The Rangers panic and return to Zordon to find their friend.

Zordon has Alpha 5 scan for Tommy's life force on the Morphin Grid. After several failed attempts, they fear the worst. We cut to a scene with a frustrated Rita in her throne room awaiting the return of Goldar. Goldar, beaten and battered, limps in and throws the Green Helmet on the ground, tells her "I cleaned up your mess," and exits the throne room. Rita slams her staff through the Green Ranger helmet, shattering it. We cut back to Angel Grove High, where the student body is mourning Tommy; he had been reported missing and was now presumed dead after the attack on Angel Grove. We end with the Rangers somberly vowing to protect the city in Tommy's honor and never stop fighting the good fight.

We cut to the mini credits that list all the producers and stars of the movie. After the mini credits we cut to our first teaser scene with Alpha 5 and Zordon. Alpha is seen repairing part of the circuit board, when they both hear a beeping noise. Alpha 5 rushes to the screen and does his trademark "Aye." Zordon, with a smile on his face, says, "Prepare the transport." We then cut to the main credits. After they finish rolling we have a second teaser. We see Goldar in front of a screen pleading the incompetence of Rita and her failed attempts at conquering Earth. He requests a new superior officer, and we hear a familiar growl. Goldar trembles in fear, and we hear the words "Prepare Serpentara!" The camera then reveals an empty throne with a letter Z on it, and we cut to black!

Join me tomorrow for Part 3!

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