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Week in Geek, June 4th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, June 5, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Josh Brolin is Thanos.

My take: When it comes to talent, Marvel is sure attracting stars that raise eyebrows. It's rare to see a movie casting announcement that makes so much sense, so often. Marvel has an amazing eye for talent and seems to take a lot into consideration when casting its roles! Another case in point: Jared Leto is rumored for Dr. Strange. Think about it.

Marvel's War with Fox!

My take: On the one hand, it's a little bit of bullying on Marvel's part. On the other hand, I really want all their properties aligned under their own cinematic universe. Marvel is essentially forcing their licensing hand, and Fox can only make money of the movies themselves and lose out on toy promotions. Can this actually force a never-before-seen deal between two gigantic film companies? Let's hope so. Rob Liefeld's prediction is Sony will take notice and allow Spidey back to Marvel with a cut of profits. This would be all Marvel could hope for, realistically, and let's all hope it happens. Imagine a Marvel crossover film with a half-billion-dollar budget where they know they can make three billion off it? That would be one hell of a movie!

Ant-Man Can't Catch a Break!

My take: No matter what happens with this movie, it's officially tainted to Fanboys and girls. The general public may not follow all the politics that we do, so the film will likely do well no matter what. However, focus on Marvel's first potential flop has shifted quickly from Guardians of the Galaxy to Ant-Man. Too bad, Edgar Wright's vision as a standalone movie may have been amazing.

The Twilight of Indiana Jones?

My take: Robert Pattinson as Indiana Jones? I'll admit I think the actor himself is super nice and unfortunately type-cast now, but this doesn't jive with me. Indy is instantly lovable and finding a replacement is going to be next to impossible. However, at least we dodged the Shia bullet.

Star Wars: Episode VII Photos

My take: Half of me wants to know nothing and the other half of me seems to be in control of my eyes and mouse-clicking hand, so bring it on! It would be hard to avoid any spoilers for this film. I may be able to turn my eyes to plot details, but images and footage? I will not be able to resist.


Sherlock Series 3 on Netflix!

My take: Well, that was sudden! No sooner did I hear the news than this series was the first thing on screen when I next logged in to Netflix. I have seen episode 1 so far and am curious where the new sense of humor came from? Anyway, if you haven't checked out Sherlock yet, get on it. You have 13.5 hours to watch!

Constantine Set for October Debut.

My take: Good timing for DC, who will lose out on the delayed release of Arkham Knight (see below). This series will be going up against The Walking Dead but may be just the fix fans need, and it's certainly the right month to do it.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wraps Up.

My take: I've recently started to watch, as episode one failed to grab me when it premiered. Now I am binge-watching the season. So far, I have to admit this seems ultimately forgettable, but I love Agent Coulson and hope he gets tossed into the upcoming Netflix shows as well.


Mario Kart 8 At Last.

My take: If you have a house party and you're out of conversation, Mario Kart 8 to the rescue! I haven't played it personally but plan to soon; of all the Mario-themed games, the "Kart" and "Bros." series must both continue!

Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed to 2015.

My take: Though it ruins the aesthetic of coming out in October like the previous installments, I say take your time and get it right. There were enough details that seemed "off" with Arkham Origins that I don't want to feel that again. Be it gameplay, extras, or videos that need the work, I have high hopes for this new installment, so don't screw it up!


Virgin Galactic Ready to Fly

My take: For only $250,000, the average (wealthy) human can go into low orbit on a new shuttle created for passengers. First flights could be launching by the end of 2014!

Scientists Erase and Restore Memories

My take: Okay, this is more science than just technology, but man, is that amazing or what? How many movies, TV shows, and comic books have we read where memories get played with? We're discovering that the brain is like a computer and are figuring out its programming bit by bit!

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