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Saltire Publisher Diamondsteel Comics Are Looking for Artists

Posted by Fellonius Munch Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Calling all budding comic book artists! Are you for hire? It isn't often an opportunity like this is put out there to the fans, but Diamondsteel Comics are looking to take on new talent, and they're asking their readers first!

Diamondsteel comics is looking for new artists. Visit Fanboys Anonymous classifieds

Specifically, Diamondsteel, the creators of Saltire (Scotland's first superhero), are looking for artists to work on short stories, futuristic stories, and stories for children; and artists that have their own unique style and a great passion for their work. Experience is an advantage but is not essential. A sample panel of your art based on a Saltire script, which would be supplied upon request, will determine whether you get the job. You can contact them by emailing

For those of you unfamiliar with indie comic superhero Saltire, you just may be in for a treat. He is a character unlike any others currently gracing the pages of the Big Two (Marvel and DC) and Dark Horse. Saltire, as a strong Scottish character—a superhero of ancient times—is something of a cross between Braveheart, Hercules, and Lobo aesthetically and personality-wise. Because superheroes are a hard sell with smaller indie companies, though, they have to have an x-factor about them that the likes of Marvel cannot provide. Saltire really is something else.

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It's so chilly in the Highlands, even his long johns are blue!
Diamondsteel has also just released the graphic novel Saltire: Invasion, which is set during the invasion of Britain by the Roman Empire. When the Romans are at Scotland's door, all of their greatest guardians must stand against them, which is when this immortal warrior awakens from his slumber. Beasty!

Sound off, fanboys! If any of you have read any Saltire story arcs in the past, we'd love to hear from you. If you get in touch with Diamondsteel and one of our own readers ends up as Diamondsteel's latest artist, we'd also love to hear it. Comment below and thanks for reading.

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