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Dirty Bones: Week 4 Feb. Unique Pick

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Indie comic readers. I dig far and wide to find the campaigns that really stick out…okay, maybe not. Maybe I just check daily so I can tweet the most recent comics I'm interested in, weed through them and select the real gems, then save them to Blogger until I've compiled a fair number to write about. 

Sexy Dirty Bones Comic Signed - Free DownloadPerhaps it isn't so hard, but let's face it: week three in February was a dry week in indie comics. However, of the campaigns available on the top crowd funding sites, Dirty Bones not only stands out, but shames the competition.

Our main character, Rover, is quite literally a bipedal dog and an ex gangster thug in big New Bark City. This urban fantasy is shaded by the taint of class warfare and the stigmatization of segregation between the "people" of this story. It's an issue that Rover is trying to deal with when he finds everything has changed. Dirty, the notorious "BIG DAWG," has forcibly taken over as the crime lord of New Bark City.

Between Dirty and Madam Kitty, a low-rent cat house madam, the bullets are constantly flying. Dirty Bones promises to be a definite emerald with romance, gangsters, tommy guns, fast cars and a unique fantasy concept. The first thing you'll notice if you go to the campaign site is that the art is on point. Honestly, there are only five or six posters, but they are quality works. If not for any other reason, the art by itself makes this project worth funding. Be sure to check out Dirty Bones and see what I'm talking about. Let me know what you think downstairs!


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