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The Man of Steel is getting a new look. Justice League writer Geoff Johns will be collaborating with veteran Marvel artist John Romita Jr. for a new run on the Superman title, DC Comics announced in its first new "All Access" webisode of 2014.

Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. collaborate to take over Superman comic
DC Entertainment first look at new Superman
The DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and former writer of Green Lantern will form a new creative team with the "King of all artists," John Romita Jr., to take over the monthly Superman comics and "reset Superman and his universe." They will be joined by comic artist Klaus Janson, a frequent collaborator with Romita Jr.

Johns said in the webisode that "We've been talking about Superman now for quite a while and it's going to be a blast."

"For me, as far as the story goes, my tagline for the story is 'Putting the Man of Tomorrow' back in the Man of Tomorrow," Johns told IGN about going back to the core values, attributes, and strengths of Superman.

DC Comics write Geoff Johns collaborate with Marvel artist to take over Superman comic
John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson
Marvel artist Romita Jr., best known for his extensive work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Captain America, and Avengers, admitted that he was "a little bit intimidated seeing how many great artists done his image before." He added, "This is not an easy thing to sail smoothly through."

Johns was excited about the official announcement and said he shared Romita's nervousness but has confidence about the pair up.

Romita Jr. has had a successful three-decade long run with Marvel and co-created Kick-Ass with Mark Millar. His father, John Romita Sr. also worked on The Amazing Spider-Man comic in the 1960s.

Johns said in an interview with IGN, "When you write for any artist, you want to make sure that you know their work. You have to tailor your style differently to everybody, and John's work is so beautiful and so epic and yet personal. One of the things I loved about his run on Spider-Man, for instance, it's just the personal moments were as powerful as the big action moments."

"I think working with somebody like John, who has ideas of his own, we'd go back and forth and amplify each other. That's really where I get my excitement about working on a project, is when I speak with an artist and we actually become real creative collaborators," Johns said.

The revamped comic will launch this summer.

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