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Dustforce Keeps it Clean on Consoles, Out Today on PSN and Vita

Posted by Michelle Quillen Tuesday, February 4, 2014
In the same fashion that BurgerTime may have enticed our earliest aspirations to be a home cook or Mario Kart gave us all Mario Andretti envy, present day gamers yearning to be maids and custodians now have a game to inspire them.

New console action platformer Capcom digitial download

Released today on PlayStation3 and PS Vita, Capcom has announced the arrival of Dustforce, a momentum-based platformer that allows you to free your surroundings of filth, armed with mops, feather dusters, and brooms as--that's right--super janitors.
Main character Capcom double high jump protagonist
Become one of the force’s cleaning-supply clad characters, each with their own fighting styles: vacuum-packing Dustworth has the highest jump hang time, default role Dustman masters the double-jump, and all the cast members can repel off walls and ceilings. Enemies won’t be eating your dust; the dust is your enemy. As a fan of the original Steam title, Fanboys Anonymous's Casey Mac lent his take on why this is a welcome addition to the console world. “I liked it a lot. The gameplay will translate perfectly to a handheld, so I think the Vita is the perfect platform for it.”

Antagonist pollution Boomer pipe bomb toxic Britney SpearsThe new version of this indie hit is now available for digital download at $9.99 from the PlayStation network, offering PS3/Vita cross-play and save functionalty, new content and achievements, and online multiplayer for up to 4 people. For single-players, there are 56 levels, and 10 for multiplayer,
while more than 100 free downloadable maps will briefly follow the game’s release. The date for Dustforce’s debut on Xbox Live Arcade is soon, but yet to be announced.

Check out the new Dustforce launch trailer below.

Do the dynamics and animation style of Dustforce remind you of any other games?  Let us know in the comments below.

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