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Book Review: The Sara Chronicles by Laura Hughes

Posted by Anonymous Friday, February 28, 2014
Readers, as an adoptive parent, I tend to have a unique perspective on things. Anything can get worse, I know, because sometimes people are forced to endure them. Abuse has a real and lasting effect on children, and the effects are prevalent in their behavior long after, but to see someone triumph over such a situation is a gift. That's why I'd like to discuss a recent read of mine, The Sara Chronicles, a short book by author Laura Hughes.
Wizards And Witches: Laura Hughes's Fantasy Book

The book description opens:
Imagine yourself in a place where not only your wildest, most imaginative dreams but also your worst nightmares are living, breathing reality. One second, you're a helpless, victimized child, and the next you can control ocean currents, produce rainstorms, and freeze lakes. Would you use your powers for good? Or would you give in to the part of yourself that wants revenge and control over those who caused you pain?
It's a question of stability: stability of mind, stability in life, and maybe even a question of stability with "enemies."

Sara, our heroine, is a young woman living with an abusive foster family. She tumbles down the steps of her home basement during an altercation, but when she lands, she's not quite within the reality she understands anymore. She lands upon the soft grass of a world not her own.

The Hatetress: Female Painting After walking on almost endlessly, she comes across a man and woman who are clear polar opposites to the adults she is used to. They set her on the path to find her way. Landing on the doorstep of a makeshift family, she begins to learn the ways of her new place and position. In this realm of limitless magic and potential, she makes friends with two orphaned boys who also have abilities in prestidigitation, and a powerful wizard who helps them to grow in their potential.

With her new family, Sara rises above her abusive situation and learns to take on bigger, badder enemies—enemies like The Garren. The Garren are soulless, dark fiends from a distant realm, intent on destroying all light and happiness. For those of you with an affinity for Kingdom Hearts, The Garren seriously seem to have been bred from the same thought tree.

I personally thought The Sara Chronicles was fun. It was a bit rushed and lacking in some parts, but I enjoyed the story and especially enjoyed the well-conceived enemies. Book one of The Sara Chronicles was a definite 3.5/5 Stars. Let me know what you think downstairs!

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