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Adam Driver May Be the First New Actor in Star Wars: Episode VII

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 28, 2014
Like the title says, this isn't confirmed yet, and if anything changes I'll alter this post accordingly, but right now, it looks as though Adam Driver, probably known best for his role in Lena Dunham's Girls, is our first new face in Star Wars: Episode VII.

actor Adam Driver Star Wars Episode 7 casting villain
"Fans… I am your something."

Although Lucasfilm and Disney have remained mum thus far, the unofficial confirmation comes from both an initial report by Variety and tweets by Lena Dunham, star and executive producer of Girls, that indicate a casting announcement is imminent. It's said that the role will be villainous, analogous to Darth Vader, carrying over multiple films. Some news outlets are asking the smart question: "master or apprentice?" pointing out that there are always two Sith, no more, no less. Michael Fassbender, Joel Kinnaman, and Hugo Weaving are all rumored to have either read or been considered for the part as well, which means Driver beat out some serious competition if this is true. I think it's more likely that this would be the "apprentice" role, if it is indeed similar to Vader as reported.

Driver has quietly built a career out of notable smaller roles in mostly smaller films, although recently he's  added bigger things to his resume, including the Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha, and the Coens' Inside Llewyn Davis. Seeing as production on Episode VII is slated to begin in May, and it's also reported that J.J. Abrams finished his pass on the script a few weeks back, it's likely we'll know the truth of this news soon. Either way, brace yourselves, because with the cameras set to roll in just a few months, more Star Wars news is sure to be just around the corner.

What do you think, folks: rumor or real? Is the Force strong with this one? Or are you afraid this is Hayden Christensen 2.0? The com-links are open below.

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