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What Role Will Joaquin Phoenix Play in the Superman/Batman Movie?

Posted by SirenaFeniks Thursday, January 2, 2014
The Superman/Batman movie is supposed to be out in theaters in 2015. Like the previous Superman movie, Man of Steel, this movie will also have Zack Snyder as director and David Goyer as screenwriter. The website for movie news, Cinemablend, says:
Warner Bros. has confirmed that cameras will begin rolling in the first half of next year and that the finished product will be hitting theaters on July 17, 2015.
The movie is a sequel to Man of Steel. So it will focus more on Superman and will mainly be about Superman and Batman fighting against each other. More details about the plot of the movie can be found on the websites Warner Bros. has officially registered: BatmanvsSupermanMovie.com and BatmanvsSuperman.com.

The Superman/Batman Movie 2015

Of course, Henry Cavill will play Superman, as he did in Man of Steel. Batman will be played by Ben Affleck. According to Cinemablend and Hollywood Reporter, as of December 9th, other characters we can hope to see in the movie include Wonder Woman, played by Israeli supermodel Gal Godot, and either the villain Doomsday or the ally Martian Manhunter, played by Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa. But nothing is certain yet.

Superman/Batman Movie 2015 Cast Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa
What is definite, Cinemablend states, is that the same cast of characters (Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent) from Man of Steel will be part of the Superman/Batman movie. That may be the case for the Batman side of the movie as well, but it has not yet been confirmed that the same cast of characters (Michael Caine as Alfred, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake, and Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon) will be used for Batman's side.

The list of actors Warner Bros. is thinking of having play either villain or ally roles is quite interesting. For example, on December 18th, Variety News said that Warner Bros. was thinking about having actor Joaquin Phoenix play the role of the villain Lex Luthor, but nothing was sure at the time.

Superman/Batman Movie 2015 Cast Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix
Other than Phoenix, based on an article by Business Insider, Warner Bros is considering the following actors to play Lex Luthor: Denzel Washington, Mark Stron, Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad), Madds Mikkelson (from Hannibal), and Kevin Spacey!

These actors are still rumored to be cast for these roles. If we look at the IMDB website, however, it shows Jason Momoa and Joaquin Phoenix as "rumored" actors. When was IMDB ever wrong?

So no one should be surprised to see Phoenix as Lex Luthor and Momoa as Doomsday or Martian Manhunter. Who would you want to see play Lex Luthor?

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