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Awesome Punisher #1 Artwork Preview

Posted by Fellonius Munch Thursday, January 2, 2014
Happy New Year, Fanboys and Fangirls, and welcome to 2014. I hope all the Punisher fans among us got plenty of fresh underwear for Christmas, because you're about to soil some!

The Punisher Frank Castle returns to Marvel Now in March 2014
"Go ahead and poop, it'll be the last thing you smell!"
As the new Punisher series under the Marvel NOW! banner approaches its release date this March, we have some more artwork to tantalize, titillate, and generally make you feel dirty and shameless.

Frank Castle moves to Los Angeles for new Punisher comic series
The series, starting at issue one all over again after the cancellation of Rucka and Checchetto's great little run, is being brought to life by The Activity writer and artist Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads, and despite these tasty treats lacking any dialogue or monologue so far, ain't they just pretty?

The Activity artist Mitch Gerads new Punisher penciller
Not many say it publicly—then again, I'm not known for filtering my thoughts—but I have to say it: one thing that's annoyed me as a die-hard fan for so long is the inconsistency of past series' artists, and when I say consistency, I mean the shit-ness.

With the exception of Garth Ennis during the "MAX" years (who will also present a miniseries this year) and Greg Rucka, both of whom were backed up by some great talent from beginning to end, Punisher has often been left short-changed by some pretty garish artwork (which I won't sully these pages with) in the past.

I couldn't draw to save my own life, so there's a tragic sadness to my honesty when I ask why comic book giants such as Marvel aren't kicking in my door to hurl briefcases of money at my face?!

Leaked Ben Affleck Batman costume design
I did this in five minutes. Just for you!
Not to worry. Mitch Gerads, who I think is a phenomenal artist, is not only treating us with some very lush work, but also treating the Punisher and his world to a pretty awesome makeover.

Ongoing Punisher comic book series starts March 2014

The richness in the aesthetics, the inks, and the colours—I'm gushing here, but LA is such a breath of fresh air compared to New York City, right? Very colourful and not at all dreary.

Sound off, Fanboys and Fangirls. Excited much? Comments below and thanks for reading. Punisher #1 is released in March of this year!

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