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Week in Geek: January 8th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, January 8, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


The Rock hints at an upcoming DC/Warner Bros. project.

My take: Rumors are all OVER the map on this one, from Shazam/Black Adam to a role in Batman vs. Superman. The Rock has been used to reinvigorate dying franchises, so maybe he will be playing a young Bruce Wayne on the upcoming series "Gotham." It's going to need him.

Speaking of The Rock, Brian O'Connor character will be in FF7.

My take: It makes sense to keep Walker's final film as FF7, as silly as it sounds, I think this series gained a lot of respect the last few outings for entertainment value alone.

Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie trailer went online this past week.

My take: Never watched the show but I am very excited that this happened the way it did. The fans, YOU fans, helped control an almost uncontrollable industry. Keep it up and we'll see plenty more pet projects popping up over the next decade.

Evan Jonigkeit of Girls will play Toad in DOFP.

My take: Did anyone scream for more Toad after the first X films? I didn't. If this movie shows Magneto gathering his cohorts so early into his career, then it suggests they effectively accomplish nothing for the next 25 years before the fight on the Statue of Liberty. Lazy mutants.


China lifts ban on gaming consoles.

My take: The intention of this ban back in 2000 was to protect kids from corrupt imagery? Good luck.


Stan Lee to appear in "more than just a cameo" on upcoming episode of "Agents of SHIELD."

My take: Speaking of franchises needing a shot in the arm, this series failed to grab me from the get-go. I was expecting intrigue and innovation and got recycled formula instead. Not to say what we're all thinking, but Stan isn't going to be around forever so I'm fine with wherever he can pop up.

Possible Guardians of the Galaxy animated series…?

My take: Oh, hell yes. I have been a huge fan of the space heroes since Abnett and Lanning "rebooted" everything years ago. They still have me hooked and I read their "GotG," "Nova," and "Annihilation" books every year.


Star Wars comics franchise goes back to Marvel!

My take: Dark Horse did an amazing job giving the franchise a shot in the arm with a whole lot of care and respect 20 years ago. The move makes sense; however, the universe created could really be undone, and we may lose the grim and gritty characters for more fun and colorful ones. Take that as you will.

The puzzle was solved: Deadpool will get hitched.

My take: An awesome marketing campaign by Marvel had several online sites get pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that, when put together, showed us an upcoming storyline. The fact that it's Deadpool getting married is all well and good, but I just loved the innovative marketing on this one.

Original Sin storyline revealed at Marvel.

My take: The story starts with the murder of Uatu, the Watcher. DC's Identity Crisis started in a similar way and was an engaging mystery until the unsatisfying ending that was based on a number of assumptions ("Oh, Batman? He's really Bruce Wayne and his sidekick is named Tim Drake, he has a mom and a dad and I'm going to tell you everything because we're boyfriend and girlfriend…") I am sure this story will be engaging up to a point until the payoff is either too bizarre to be enjoyed or takes too long to reveal.

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