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Top 5 Movies I Am Looking Forward to in 2014 and Why

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, January 7, 2014
A new year means new movies to look forward to. Of all the movies slated to come out this year, here is a list of the top five films that I'm looking forward to watching, ranging from 1 (a must watch in the theater) to 5 (meh, I'd skip it and wait for the DVD).

#1: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Man oh man, I cannot wait for Spider-Man! I loved The Amazing Spider-Man; I can watch that film numerous times. Sure, they fucked up certain things in the first movie, such as Uncle Ben's catch phrase, but they got a lot of things right, like Emma Stone. I hope it's not going to bomb like Spider-Man 3 with the increase of the number of villains in this new sequel. The thing I am most looking forward to seeing is the new Spidey suit because, let's be honest, the previous The Amazing Spider-Man suit was kinda camp.

Emma Stone Nude Amazing Spider-Man 2

#2: RoboCop

When I first saw this trailer I was miffed, to say the least. I was on a week-long rant with one of my friends because we are huge—and I mean huge—RoboCop fans, but every time I watch this trailer, the more excited I am for this. Hopefully this movie will live up to the RoboCop I knew as a kid when I watched the movie with my dad back on VHS. They need to—no, must—keep the original RoboCop theme, unlike how Man of Steel did with the Superman theme.

Watch RoboCop 2014 movie trailer

#3: Godzilla

As a fan of the Godzilla movie back in 1998, this new trailer looks very interesting. The movie looks a lot darker than the 1998 counterpart, which is a good thing, because the only thing I didn't like about the 1998 version was the love interest aspect of the movie. I hope this film will have a lot more Godzilla and less romance.

remake Godzilla 2014 wallpaper

#4: Captain America: The Winter Solider

The first Captain America movie was, in my humble opinion, shit (the only word I could think of to describe that awful movie), but this one actually looks pretty darn good. I really really hated the first Thor movie and loved the second one, so who knows? Maybe the same could happen for Captain America.

Marvel Phase 2 Captain America: Winter Soldier movie poster

#5: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Where do I begin with this one? The only reason I wanna watch this movie is hope. Hope that they don't fuck it up, hope they will make up for mistakes with the X-Men trilogy, hope it's not all about Hugh-fucking-Jackman, and hope that it wont ruin X-Men: First Class, which in my opinion is the only X-Men movie worth watching.

movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past download

Let me know in the comments below which movies you are looking forward to watching and why!

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