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Goyer and Gordon-Levitt to take Veritgo's "Sandman" to the Big Screen

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 16, 2013
It's been a month full of announcements from both the Vertigo and David Goyer camps. Following the announcement of a pilot order for Ennis' Preacher and Goyer rumored to be writing low budget scripts for B-list DC heroes, DC made headlines once again with the announcement that Goyer will be adapting Neil Gaiman's legendary work Sandman with ex-Robin (of sorts) Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached to both direct and star.

David Goyer has been set to adapt Neil Gaiman's Sandman for theaters with Joseph-Gordon Levitt attached
While the classic Gaiman story seems an obvious choice for the live action treatment in the era of adaptations and franchise searching, it's interesting to see so much action from DC in regards to their more obscure IP. While Sandman is certainly a comic industry classic, the eternally pale dream lord Morpheus grows even paler when compared to the status of heroes like The Flash and Wonder Woman. Still, its nice to see Vertigo attempting to build on the foundation The Walking Dead and the Marvel Studios' films have built.

JGL direct and star Neil Gaiman's Sandman concept art test screening David Goyer ScriptThe real shock in the announcement is the attachment of Gordon-Levitt, who wouldn't be a particularly obvious choice for the lanky, somber, wild haired Morpheus. Still, it should come as less of a surprise when you look at both his past and future track record. He's no stranger to high-concept films, performing in both Inception and Looper,  and has already made his foray into the superhero genre in The Dark Knight Rises, with his second comic book film A Dame to Kill For due in August. While he bears little resemblance to the Dream Lord outright, I think this, far more so than for Ben Affleck as Batman, is a case of "Ledger Syndrome" where the unassuming certainly holds promise for surprise.

Few other details about the Sandman adaptation are currently available. What do you think of the news? Are you a Gordon-Levitt fan? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned with Fanboys Anonymous to see who else will join Gordon-Levitt in Goyer's adaptation of Sandman.

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