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Vanguard Princess Up for Votes on Steam Greenlight

Posted by Michelle Quillen Saturday, October 26, 2013
San Francisco-based publishing company eigoMANGA announced this week that its latest title, Vanguard Princess, has been launched on Steam Greenlight for your upvoting pleasure.

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Anime aficionados' eyes will be drawn to this 2D fighting game's design, which users can "rate up" to make it available on Steam's digital distribution marketplace. The fact that all 10 characters are female, have superpowers as a result of government experiments, and have their own fighting styles can be credited for making Vanguard Princess the #1 best-selling action game in Amazon's marketplace five times over. The English version was originally launched on Amazon 8 months ago for PC, and fan demand now has it up for potential grabs among other Steam selections.

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Once the game has been given the go ahead on Steam Greenlight, Mac OSX, Linux, and PC users can look forward to having their hands on an updated version of Vanguard Princess. It will also be compatible with Steamworks and SteamOS. Players can engage with their enemies in Story Mode, or pit them against each other to perpetuate the concept of mean girls and catfights in Versus Mode. Assist characters can be unlocked to help in combat, along with other add-ons such as free updates and patches to get the most out of your battles.

Since Steam's restrictions are a bit more lax than previous marketplaces the game has been on in regards to graphics, eigoMANGA retains that it "isn't a hentai explicit game to begin with" so necessary edits are out of scope. Check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below.

Based on what you've seen of its look and feel, would you rate Vanguard Princess up to see it on Steam? Give us your impression in the Comments section below. For more information about Vanguard Princess, head over to its Greenlight page here, or learn more about the game features, see screenshots, and look for updates at the official Vanguard Princess website.

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