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Elven Jewel Review and Preview

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, October 26, 2013
Initially, I didn't fall in love with Elven Jewel. It started out a little slow for me, but what high fantasy doesn't start that way? Another issue I had is that during some of the fast paced moments a bit of description is lost, specifically during some of the beginning battles. There were a few issues with editing, but any of us who have written a book know how difficult it is for indie authors to check their own work. A fresh pair of eyes is key.

Elven Jewel Full Video Book Preview With ArtThe story has some old ideas and some new, but if I had set the book down, I would have been at a loss. This young adult story just happens to be a diamond in the rough, and anyone who has read through the entire book knows it.

The story begins with some halflings and their faeries playing together in a field far from their home, which just happens to be the place where a portal opens from a land on the other side of the world. The owners of the gateway are a civilization of carnivorous lizard-like people who despise all other life and intend to conquer all the other civilizations simply to fill their own bellies. In fact, they seem barely capable of keeping hostages without eating them.

After the lizard species begins to invade, the young halflings tell one of their fathers, who packs them all up for a journey to warn the elves, the magical protectors of Reloria. The journey does not come without trouble, and soon enough, the young people find themselves fighting alongside fierce warriors of magic, blade, and shield.

I later found myself enjoying the story. All in all, it could use some work, but all the complaints I first mustered were eventually quelled by a fun tale and unique characters and races of people, all with their own sets of skills. I plan on passing it to my son who enjoys epic fantasies. Let me know how you feel down below.


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