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Supernatural Season 9 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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Hey guys! I am back from hiatus to bring my loyal readers my thoughts of Supernatural Season 9. In case you're new to reading my posts, I'd like to welcome you and let you know how I operate. I normally watch three episodes, then I report on what I thought was good and bad (there's a lot of bad) about these episodes.

We start off with the conclusion of what happened last season with the angels falling from heaven. Sam and Dean are in the Impala talking about the shit that just went down. Dean turns to Sam and tells him he's dying, and then we get a jump cut to Sam lying in a hospital bed in a coma. Not a lot of stuff really happened in this episode, so Dean being Dean, he prayed to all the angels who fell to earth to ask them for help, in return offering to help them. Four to six angels heard this, and most of them wanted revenge for what Castiel did by banishing them from Heaven. One angel, called Zek (I don't trust this fella), is the exception, so Dean makes a deal that the angel will possess Sam to fix him from his coma while at the same time healing himself inside of Sam. The only thing I liked in this episode was the way they made Castiel human by taking his grace from last season. The episode overall was very long winded and quite boring as a follow-up of the amazing season 8 finale.

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In the second episode we find ourselves reunited with Abaddon, the Knight of Hell who wants to take over as the Queen of Hell. The current King of Hell Crowley (my favourite character) is missing and presumed dead, according to the rumours in hell, but little do the demons know that he's actually tied up in Sam and Dean's bunker. Abaddon recruits these demons to help her in her quest (insert evil laugh). What does this crazy bitch do? She tortures other hunters to get Dean's phone number to organize a trap. This episode ends in a gunfight, of all things. Sam gets knocked out, and Zek takes over his body and kills the demons—which, by the way, was awesome! I still don't know why the demons had AK-47s, but it made a nice change from using the force.

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In episode three we are in the hunt for Castiel, who at this point is a drifter and is losing faith in God and other angels. We see how he is coping with sleeping and eating and even passing gas (his words, not mine—chuckle). The evil new angel in charge, Bart (Bartholomy), hires a reaper bounty hunter to find Castiel, who has met a girl outside a restaurant who gives him a sandwich. I thought to myself, nobody in real life is this nice! She takes Castiel back to her place (again, if I saw a homeless guy, I would walk around him trying to avoid him, not take him home), where he ends up confessing his guilt to her. One thing leads to another, and when Castiel goes to get dressed the next morning he finds his angel blade is missing. It all comes together at this point: the nice girl is really an angel. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture the bounty hunter reaper and torture him to get answers about who is after Castiel. Dean asks for Zek's help to locate Castiel, and they are able to save him.

In my opinion, the first three episodes this season have been very lackluster. I can only hope they will pick up and get more interesting, because right now I have a sense of deja vu—I've seen it all before. Please leave a comment below if you agree (if you disagree, I shall see you in hell!). For all your Supernatural needs, keep it posted on the Fanboys Anonymous website.

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