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Cosplayer Problems on Halloween

Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 31, 2013
Halloween is the one time of the year when everyone wears a costume and goes out—unless you're a cosplayer, in which case this is just another night out for you. Many cosplayers still consider Halloween to be one of their favorite holidays; it just doesn't have the same meaning that it used to.

With all of the costumes a cosplayer owns, you might think picking out a Halloween costume is an easy choice, right? Wrong! The decision to pick out a Halloween costume might be an even harder choice than what to wear at Comic Con. Why is it so difficult picking out ONE costume for ONE night?

What do cosplayers wear on Halloween

Chances are, you're going out to a bar or party. What could possibly go wrong?!

Someone could spill their drink on you… or worse.

Remake 2013 Carrie Bloody Chloe Grace Moretz Prom Scene

All the time spent working on intricate armor and props can be completely destroyed in a matter of seconds by one drunken idiot.

Dog cosplay and Peter Parker Spider-man meme
Before the party / After the party
Have you ever seen an angry cosplayer when you ruin their costume? It's not pretty.

Mike Meyers GIF Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Screen Shots

Unless you're Sailor Moon or an Avenger, chances are no one will know who you're dressed up as.

Sexy Mean Girls Nude Amanda Seyfried Hot Costume

And what's worse is this person will probably beat you in a Halloween costume contest:

Watch Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke VMA performance with Rule 63 costume
Because there won't be 30 of these at EVERY party this year or anything
As cool as it is that everyone is accepting the "nerd community," once you start going to conventions, you can't quite look at store-bought costumes the same way again.

Muscle costume Hulk cosplay purple shorts
Expectation  / Reality
If you're not a cosplayer, don't be "that guy" and ask the first cosplayer you can think of to borrow their cosplays or have them make you one on October 30. They probably won't be too happy.

Funny Supernatural Meme Demotivational Poster

Because on October 30, this is probably what's going through a cosplayer's mind:

Image of bulldog dressed up in a pirate costume
Screw it! I'm going as a pirate again!
Picking a costume is stressful, but once it's decided, they plan on going out and enjoying Halloween just like everyone else.

Watch Pirates of the Carribean Movie Online Free Stream

Happy Costuming!

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